Promotion whilst on Op Tour

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GSSigs, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. I have come off the board for promotion and am wondering if i can be promoted whilst out in Theatre (Telic).

    Any thoughts?
  2. Don't think so - unless your in a rank ranged post you are qualified for. normally no promotions whilst mobilised - need to wait till you're back on a TA contract. (May be proved wrong however)
  3. 4 guys were made up on Fingal PNCO or anything! others were given higher acting rank including a PSI so it did happen..not sure now ,as new system!
  4. One of our bods on herrick got made up with no pnco's cadre. I suspect he will have to return his tape when he gets back. A few blokes were given local cpl for Op Fingal.
  5. According to my records I was promoted in Aug 03, when I was on T2, but I didn't get the second stripe presented until Feb 04 when I was back at my unit.
  6. You CAN get promoted whilst mobilised - there were more than 4 promotees whilst we were on Fingal Tartan Ninja. It's simply up to your unit to make sure that your name is included in any board that takes place whilst you are away.
    Not sure on the exact policy regarding the need for qualifying courses such as PJNCO cadres. Lets face it though - if you are half way through a tour as a pte soldier and are performing to a high standard that counts for something against completing a formal PJNCOs course. If you are already an NCO then I think you will need to get the necessary course at Brecon (or equivalent) behind you. Depending on your job in theatre there's no reason why you can't attend courses whilst on tour - our regular colleagues do it all the time.
    To do otherwise would be prejudicial against those with the balls to volunteer for mobilisation so such a policy could be a retention no-no.
    Also bear in mind that if you don't get picked up this time the period spent mobilised drastically reduces the time you need to wait to "qualify" for the next rank.
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