Promotion while mobilised

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by matchbox, Nov 15, 2010.

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  1. I'm still on POTL, but just got promoted by my home unit. The board sat in September and people are saying wages will get backdated - anyone know if this is true? Or does it not kick in until I finish POTL and officially return to my TA unit?
  2. Glasgow will not process the promotion if you are on Ops..

    They should "update and retrospective" when you get back, but you might not get the retrospective pay of higher rank for the period of your call up. The argument will be that you got mobilised and employed in your old rank.

    I have to say this is one issue I fed up with raising. Why should an individual, if promoted whilst on an Op tour, not get this processed immediately.. I think it is a clear case of discrimination - a regular soldier will get promoted and paid whilst on ops, so why does a TA soldier not get treated in the same way (provided the post they go in to is rank ranged..)?

    And DON'T try to tell me it's because "JPA won't let you" because it will....
  3. Short answer from my own experience, your seniority is back-dated but not your pay -sorry.

    Only happens with TA (I'm told) but it's really only one Army now, despite the disparity...honestly! Interestingly (to me,at least), when my Herrick gong finally arrived it came with the higher rank inscribed reflecting the timing of my promotion...the money would've come in handy, though!
  4. I got promoted a few days before I got my Mobilisation papers, did a job on tour in my new higher rank, pay was adjusted on tour accordingly. I have spent the last year paying it all back as I shouldn't have been payed for the higher rank. Brilliant system :)
  5. Is this because the PID you were occupying was rank-ranged and the new, higher rank would've prevented you from being in the post? I don't quite understand all the subtle nuances but I've heard this excuse given before.
  6. Because a TA soldier will be promoted based on the PIDs available in his own unit. Whilst mobilised he is in Regular Service and he will be contracted into a PID which will be linked to the OCE thus he is ineligible (less, I suspect, some very limited exceptions - there are always a few!) for promotion. On demobilisation, when he is back on his unit's books he can get promoted and enjoy a little lump sum.

    PS Most regular promotions are not substantive until posting (which will incl a bit of back pay to the date of the board).
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Correect. THe simple thing to remember is that while mobilised you are no longer in the TA - so promotions there do not count. When you de-mobilise and return to the TA, then pay etc can start. Seniority may be backdated - do not expect pay to be, however.
  8. Guys, you are missing the point.. (and this is not a simple thing...!)

    The problem is that for promotion purposes, the soldier remains in the TA. As the individual is not considered for promotion whilst on ops or FTRS they are, I suggest, being treated differently to their regular compatriots..

    What has happened in a number of cases that I know of, is that an individual has been mobilised into the lower of a rank ranged PID and then not promoted when the confirmation has come through. This would not happen with a regular, as they would not usually be mobilised as they are being posted...

    I am also aware of cases (usually FTRS) where promotion has been refused on the grounds that the individual is not in the unit, and has had to wait for the next board to come along, thus blocking their promotion for at least a year.

    I suggest these are cases where individuals have been effectively "career fouled" because of the mobilisation and FTRS process. If we are going to use volunteers more frequently on operations and FTRS, these issues needs to be addressed more equitably..
  9. I agree.

    Now, when are you going to fit CLM in?

  10. Is that before or after they work out how to count my various, expensive, Civilian Qualifications in to match CLM..?

    If that comes to that, Why isn't CLM offered to the TA already ?
  11. I'm being mobilised on the 29th of this month, my OC has been waiting on my trade qualification to be completed before he could promote me,i qualified on friday last week, my promotion has gone through the board successfully, hopefully it will official and substansive before the 29th. If it doesn't and it comes through whilst i am employed a as a member of the regular armed forces (my interpretation of working full time on ops)will i get paid at my highter rank whilst on deployment or will i have to wait upon my return to my TA role and claim for back pay?

  12. Being a binman or a rocket scientist doesn't automatically make you an NCO. And anyway, there has to be a common standard for everyone to achieve and demonstrate (your unit, after all, wouldn't accept a note from your private gym saying that you could pass a PFT/ACFT would it?).

    Eh, because a TA soldier hasn't got time to undertake the process.
  13. Well Royal Signals (TA), do the CLM(V), also I know of personnel being promoted whilst being mobilised, as stated before it depends on the PID they are mobilised in and if it's 'rank ranged'.

  14. I fell foul of this a few years back when on Mob. A rather junior Lt decided it was beneath her to complete my SJAR as I was TA...despite it having been mostly written for her by another (TA) officer. She argued that she felt she hadn't known me long enough and I was only TA, so didn't need it doing by her. She carried on with SJARs for the rest of the (Regular) Section and only addressed the issue of mine when instructed to do so following concerns raised by the TA officer through her Unit CoC. The to-ing and fro-ing meant my SJAR bounced around in the ether for months.