Promotion to WO1 Dvr/Rad Op Trade

Discussion in 'RLC' started by dpm_mirkin, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. Having recently had a MCM Div brief I find it incredible that they have moved the goalposts for the Dvr/Rad Op trade! If you stay true to the flags and don't deviate to SSM/RQMS/MD the chances of getting WO1 are zilch. The only job, as we bleeps are aware, for WO1 is at DST. I was told when I joined the trade that there was no restriction at all in the trade and no reason why I shouldn't get WO1. However, if you don't deviate and do one of the flatliner jobs, that's you at your career ceiling at WO2. With BOWMAN coming in, it makes it even more difficult because MCM Div won't let you out of it once you've BOWMANised. Thoughts.....?
  2. MCM Div / COs of the main RLC units dont realise how much work/responsibility is put on the BSM(U). The simple reason is they dont understand BOWMAN. If the BSM(U)s dont do their job his/her Regt wont talk its as simple as that. Now under BOWMAN the new RSOs have to go away and do a 3 month course. Firstly can units afford to loose a Capt for this time and secondly, how long will the new RSO be in post? 2.5 years.....I dont think so!!
    Maybe DRLC/MCM Div should look at WO1 RadOps as the new RSOs of units. Maybe this may solve the problem of the lack of WO1s in trade, and the problem of a lack of Capts to fill these posts.

  3. I think all you wo2 RSWO's should all apply to Commision into the Medics.... oooorrrrrr sign off see what happens!!! stick together you lot see what happens.
    Or just tell the padre!
  4. Actually my cunning plan is to get to the top quicker... you lot sign off I will be an RSWO in no time... either that or one of our Pte's will overtake me and be my RSWO.
  5. we dont want you steeeenking truckies/rad ops/slop jockies, we have enough trouble with the AGC, PTIs and Guards coming in clogging up our Corps!
  6. Good point gnome, apparently the plan could be to put a WO1 BSM in each Bde like an MD. Marky go eat spider sh*t! lol
  7. I mentioned that to YoS and YoF when I was in trade.......they bit like fcuk. Try it on them. Tell them that a RLC Rad Op is coming to the Bde to oversee BOWMAN and that the RLC know more. :twisted:
  8. I think you will find that there are more of us with you than you think. I know of 3 off the top of my head. :D
  9. This is untrue. I know of a few units this has happened to, including me, and I only have a wee chippy BSM(U) qual :lol:
  10. great :roll:
  11. RSO's will now, once selected on the Adjt/Ops/RSOs board do the course prior to turning up in units.

    Secondly the Rad Op trade should look to do other "flatliner" jobs, as you call them, not because it makes you a better soldier, but because it gives you a wider perspective and the benefit of different experiences and ways of doing bsiness that will prevent your trade stagnating internally.

    It is almost the same as E2 jobs for Officers. I know more than one Rad Op who has done Sqn and Regt Ops very well and all of them have found that it has changed their approach to their own core business.
  12. Yes but in the world of the dyslexic, the one who went to school and can actually spell is king.
  13. I always thought it was the dyslexic who went to Eton, got sh!t A-levels and did art at Cambridge who will be king!
  14. I thought the man who would be king did Geography at St Andrews in scotland.....
  15. For all you RSWO's with 5yrs+ remaining keep yr eye on the IS Stream within the E2 world, WO1 posts could be opening, particularly within the USSO.