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Discussion in 'REME' started by GravelRash, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. Just a quick one....

    Does anyone know how qualified you have to be to be promoted to SGT? what I mean is as far as I can tell if there are no time restraints ie your due it, you can pick up without having completed an sclm (parts 1 and 2) so long as you pass it within a year (please do tell if I'm wrong). Also does this rule aply across all trades? Apparently its different for techs?? :?:
  2. Gravel,

    This looks like a wah! Speak to your boss or your RCMO for the latest position. But I'll answer it anyway....

    SCLM isn't the issue - that will come later - after the promotion board. All promotions are based on merit, vacancies and not getting caught doing something you shouldn't have been doing!

    Techs: promote to Sgt after 5 years as long as they are Class 1 Cpls and are recommended. Not all promote.

    Black Hands: Class 1 Cpls can promote after 1 year (I will check that) and a recommendation and a vacancy.

    Everyone will drop out of the promotion rolls if they cannot achieve 2 years in their final rank (except for WO2s selected for promotion to WO1 who may be allowed to extend).

  3. yes you can wear it (and get paid for it) without having completed an SCLM / SMC. but you have to complete the sclm courses to become substantive in rank.

    hope this helps
  4. Life does get difficult doesn't it, in my time it was quite simple you had to be 1st Trade, 1st Education and 1st MTC (Military trg cert). You were then promoted by seniority if recommended.
  5. Black Hands need a minimum of two years substantive at the date of the promotion board to promote from Cpl to Sgt.
  6. Okey cokey, so basically if a tech picks up on the board but has not done sclm part 2 (the EFP bit) then he should be promoted straight away?
  7. Do some arrse licking like all the pot tiffies. You'll be promoted within a few months.
  8. I know its in the post within a few months anyway......its actually whether I'll get back pay or not that does bother me.
  9. would you like fries with that?
  10. Technicians can not be granted acting rank (unless operations dictate otherwise) so MUST qualify first... also the board results/signal indicate if you're qualified and give priority for SCLM loading. Don't forget though, you must be on a corps order to promote (subject to approval from your CO).

    MCM have also decreed that if you don't qualify in the 12 months you WILL rescind the rank.
  11. The Army has now moved onto the tri-service promotion system in preparation for JPA. This has changed a few things;

    1. Tech promote to Sgt 5 years from substantive LCpl, if recommended (although this has always been the same).

    2. Due to the new Versitile Engagement, you cannot discriminate against any rank due to residual service - they may be offered VEng, therefore they are still eligable for promotion.

    3. Techs cannot now be 'acting' rank. They must be substantive. If they pick up on the board they have to complete their SCLM (or JCLM) Part 1 & 2 before they can wear it. The promotion date is then backdated when the substantive promotion is published on Corps Orders (and you get the backpay)

    GravelRash I suspect that you are a Tech and came off the last board (only one a year now Army wide- no sweepers). I recently went through all of this with one of my Cpls who came off the board before last. We worked it out eventually as point 3 and he is now a Sgt and got a fair bit of backpay.
  12. ok... i stand corrected (but only in the tech world!!)... but as far as VM's are concerned that are reading this thread, the quote above is true. this CLM buisness has screwed things up somewhat. It seems strange to think that some lance jacks are actually more qualified than their stripies!!!
  13. Cheers guys, no one seems to know exactly whats what at my unit since I was told I had to pick up before I could do the course, only to be told I couldn't pick up because I hadn't done the course! nice one eh?

    Anyway looks like it did me a favour, no big mess bills, nice bit of back pay, cheers easy! :D
  14. There seem to be lots of misunderstandings here. If you read Corps Instr E6 you should note:

    The mininmum service in sub rank is 2 years for most ranks and trades on the vacancy promotion system (i.e. not Cfn/LCpl/Cpl Techs). Importantly - the 2 years is as at the start of the promotion year - not when the board sits. For Cfn and SSgt Artificers the minimum service is 3 years in sub rank as of the start of the promotion year.

    Apart from the above minimum service bit, to qualify to appear at a promotion board a Cpl needs to be Class 1 at trade and be recommended for promotion on his current CR. Also, if he has less than 2 years service left as of the start of the promotion year he will not normally be considered. On the final point the residual service rule may soon be changed.

    CLM is very confusing. For promotion to sub Sgt you need to attend SCLM 1 and 2 (not necessarily pass them). You will get high priority for these courses once you've been selected for promotion on a board. If you don't do the courses by the time you are promoted you will be given Acting Sgt. When you eventually have attended the course and the Part 2 order has been published you will get your sub-rank - backdated to the date you were due it. Techs can't get acting rank (unless on ops) so will not be given acting rank. However when they are eventually CLM qualified the rank and pay will be backdated to the date they were due promotion by time.

    If A/Sgts don't attend the CLM within 12 mths Records will consider reverting them in rank unless the CO has put up a case why not - e.g. ops commitments, lack of available cses. Only those who really are trying to avoid doing the cses will be demoted. Remember, if you are in acting rank its dead easy for the CO to take it off you - AGAI 67, discipline issues etc.

    Finally - JPA has not changed anything as yet and probably won't - tiffy r us is misinformed. VEng is just for those enlisting from 2008 anyway. Residual service rules under VEng are the same and wont be an issue until 2030!!

    Always a pleasure - ask me a hard one!
  15. This is an extract from MS (Records) VEng bulletin dated Jun06;

    Transfer to the VEng. Soldiers on Open/Notice Engagements
    may be able to transfer to a Long Career (30 years service), subject to being selected for it by their A&SD. The Army is considering transfer to a Full Career (24 years service). In the meantime, the Army is looking at extending the service of serving, selected soldiers to 24 years (by awarding 2 years of continuance) in order to smooth the transition to the VEng. The Army has the means to grant continuance to soldiers due to leave before the VEng is available, so that they can still be serving when the VEng is implemented and subsequently transfer to it, if selected.

    VEng is not only for those enlisting from 2008! I personally know of three SNCOs who are considering applying for it.

    Some posts have already been identified and MROs will expect applicants to fill them when VEng is introduced - not in 24 years time!

    Up to date - RELEVANT - information on both VEng and promotion/manning policy is freely available on DII intranet and also Armynet.

    If I have been misinformed then the VEng briefing I got from MRO and the official, current information available reinforcing this on the intranet/internet must be wrong - meaning MRO don't know their own policy!