Promotion to Sgt before 6 years service?

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by REMFQuestions, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. I have had a quick look into this myself but admin support is currently on hiatus for a definitive answer.

    Theoretically if someone had an SJAR with a recommend for Sgt but had only served 4.5 years, of which 3 were as a Corporal would the individual be eligible for promotion?

    A quick look at the rules indicates that you must have 6 years service however I am just wondering how stringently this is applied? CoC were a bit puzzled as well and just confirmed what I had already read - 6 years service.
  2. Ive known ammo techs to get it at about their 5 year point.
  3. I am surprised you haven't jumped all over this mucker :D it was ripe for a choice comment or two.

    Truce? :)
  4. As various arms and corps still operate a selective "we will make you a sergeant once qualified as etc." it must be possible to become a sergeant with less than 6 years in.
    My son was offered such a post which would have seen him as a sergeant after 2 years.
    Having said that during my time I was promoted then demoted because a paper stacker chose to interpret service as meaning "in my corps" rather than in Army.
    So definitive answer appears to be "Its who you know" not "what you know" that decides.
  5. Which regulations are you quoting?

    There is a minimum time in each rank for each trade in each Corps. The rules for the R Signals are different to REME are different to RLC are different to H Cav.... Now, that might mean that no-one in the X Corps will promote to Sgt with less than 6 years of service under their belt, but it is because they will (must) have served at least two years in each rank.

    If I was faced with a Corporal with 3 years of seniority (not the same as "service"), I would expect him to be eligible for promotion providing he was qualified no matter how long he had served. But I would check the rules before briefing him!

  6. Had I not had a disagreement over leave and got sent to Colly and had I not had to start my trade training all over again and had I not been late going on my upgraders and had I not fcuked them up and been back at my unit within six weeks and I had I not said "No, I don't want to do a fcuking SMC" and "I want to PVR" then theoretically it would have been possible for me to get stripey within six years of joining.

    Though maybe I'm not a typical ex-REME BAT.
  7. Fook me six years to Sgt, thats a faster rate than Kelly Homes got promoted at...

    Now she was Good, WAH.......

  8. If my BC hadn't had such a cock-stand about a tiny, tiny incident in which someone senior was only slightly inconvenienced, I would have hit Sgt at the 6 year point.



  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Isn't it amazing how COs fail to see these as character building episodes :x 8)
  10. If I had stopped drinking , going AWOL, speaking out of turn and instead inserted my tongue into the CO's arse then I may have made Sgt in 9 years.

    Hey ho life sucks, then again so does Graham Norton....

  11. I got my own back....

    He finished as a Major General and I made LCpl (twice).

    :D :D :D

  12. So did I.

    I became a civvy and he had to call me Mister.
  13. it's applied rigidly in our corps REMF. only question is whether the time bar applies to being boarded, or being promoted. one would imagine you would be boarded if the 6 year minimum expires in the upcoming promotion year. if selected, your promotion date would be (presumably) after your 6 year point.

    only a couple of years ago, it was min 5yrs to sgt in the corps. only knew one guy who got it that quick though - and not many are truly ready to wear it so early.
  14. I completely agree, IF selected I am absolutely not ready. I tried to turn down my Full Screw on those grounds three and a half years ago and was waved away with "don't be an idiot, it's extra money etc etc". I was also politiely told that the Corps takes a dim view of lack of ambition which turning down a rank would be classed as. I won't get my hopes up :D
  15. I would argue that, in all probability, you are ready for promotion because you are already thinking about the responsibilities that come with the rank - and how you would cope. That suggests a degree of maturity that a lot of soldiers do not have. My colleagues and I want a soldier who knows his capabilities and his limits, and what to do when faced with a task that is outside his capabilities and his limits. The most dangerous soldier is one who does not know where his capabilities and his limits lie and does not wish to take advice! Over-confidence can be more dangerous than under-confidence.

    If you have been given a sufficiently strong recommendation for promotion in your SJAR, you will have demonstrated to both your 1RO and 2RO that you are capable of performing adequately at the next rank. Your performance will have been discussed, dissected and graded alongside the rest of your cohort by several officers and SNCOs. If you are selected for promotion, you are ready for the next rank. You might not be given the top job but you are ready to be promoted. Trust me, whilst the system isn't fool-proof (and I am still waiting for my full-screw...), it does work 99.9% of the time!

    If you are unwilling to discuss it with your 1RO, and I can see why that would be the case, I suggest that you find a mentor, someone of the next rank up, or higher, who is not in your CoC, and with whom you feel sufficiently comfortable to discuss your career and the way forward. The RCMO would be a good start.