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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by patriotgames, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. I am thinking of joining soon, seing as though i am an ambitious little bugger,

    how long does it take to get promoted to lance jack?
    what courses are required from promotion?
    which trade is easier to get promotion?

    Oh by the way i m going for either SPS, Radio operator or storeman

    Thanking you kindly.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Get in first.

    Then make a good impression.

    You will be noticed and in front of the board when your Chain of Command believe you are ready for promotion.

  3. its about politics and whether your face fits to be honest.
    it should be about experience, skill, leadership qualities, confidence and how many sh1tty jobs you volunteer to do etc but sometimes its quite simply down to whether your permanent staff or senior ranks like you.
    Ive been in around 4 years now and still waiting!
    not bitter or anything!

    RMP's after your trade course you immediatly get your first tape, as i have reccently found out, hence thinking of transferring.
  4. Still not in yet.

    First of all how many days a year can you commit too. If you can do a couple of course's a year and every weekend you might be lucky and be looking at a couple of years.

    You also have to remember that promotions in TA are based on positions available at the time. It is a case of dead mans shoes. Does your face fit. Are you a complete chopper. All factors you have to look at.
  5. Yes, i was in a few years back and it was very much about your face fitting, i to thought about RMP but its to far away from where i live, but i think you are right in that you might wait 5 years and not get a promotion.
  6. Depending on the unit lance jack is the same as senior tom. You will still be doing the same bonk jobs. In the RMP you might be a LCPL after trade trainning but everyone is a LCPL so you are basically a back to being a tom.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    It's your OC who writes your annual appraisal...

    Perhaps they are trying to tell you something? What did your last annual appraisal say?

  8. Good point, besides you dont want to be hated by every other TA unit you come into shouting distance of.
  9. Never seen a CR or Appraisal in all my days and dont know why. I was reliably informed that I was due to be on the previous board for promotion but my former OC decided to take me off, the t*at!
    Fortuatly the new OC is a breath of fresh air but my problem now is that promotions have been reduced to annually now and therefore will have to wait longer.
    Only course report ive seen was the course for my B2 2 weeks ago which stated i was an ideal section 2 ic, asset to the regiment and sqn and a confident and competent operator
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Lack of initiative. No wonder you have not been promoted ;)

  11. Sorry to hear that man, i think you deserve a promotion the time you have put in anyway, hope that makes you feel better, doesnt sound good for me though i might have to wait a very long time for a promotion.
  12. as long as your keen to progress and enjoy your job and make yourself available for courses, days etc then you cant go wrong really,
    Plus i wasnt after the sympathy vote lol just trying to make a point but obviously came across wrong
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Wrong! Promotion is not 'deserved' it is earned.

    If there is a vacancy and even if you have the correct trade quals and perceived ability to fill it, the CoC will fill it with the best person. Which may not be you.

    Your sub-unit OC will be able to promote to LCPL (or equivalent) and may well have the delegated authority to conduct a CPL (or equivalent) board.

  14. Ok, fair play, i get the idea, i ve just got to be ready to wait quite a while, i understand now, thanks.