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I have just been told by my OC Sqn that I have come off the board and will have to complete a PNCO/CLM. However I am P7 MND and pretty much on the PAP10 route.

Will I wear for a year and then get it taken off me or just not bother giving it to me, its a bit stupid as if I can't promote physically why have I been able to come off the board.
Would it not have been better to ask your OC Sqn when he/she told you had been promoted?
Congratulations and commiserations at the same time, sort of like 'Get a crate in you've been promoted, in fact don't bother!'
Until you do get PAP10'd for DEFINATE, get on the relevant CLM as quickly as you can. Don't sit on your arse waiting for something to happen, do something before it does
In order to attend CLM training you will need to meet the physical criteria laid down in Annex J to Chapter 1 of the CLM Policy Handbook.

Type CLM in to the Defence Intranet Search facility - the site will be listed - it's the only time the search ever works as far as I know! You can view or download the policy handbook from the site. Your RCMO should also be able to offer some help.

From your description of yourself P7 MND it seems unlikely you will be able to attend CLM training as you will not be able to conduct the BCCS elements.
Congratulations - you have been selected for promotion on the merits of your performance and potential. Selection for promotion should be unrelated to medical status; which clearly is the case for you.

Now that you have been selected for promotion, you will be given acting rank in the near future. However if you are unable to get a 'Fit for Course' certificate and satisfactorily complete PNCO CLM you will revert to your substantive rank (Sig) after 12 months.

If you are MND (Permanent) rather than MND (Temporary) you should already be being considered for discharge under PAP10. Depending on how long you have already been MND (P) I would expect you to be discharged sooner rather than later. This is dependent on how far along in the PAP10 process your case is.

Your OC Sqn should really have explained all of this to you - have you asked him/her?

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