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Discussion in 'RLC' started by T/J/LeGg, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. hi all, wanted to know a few things about getting promoted in the rlc as a driver. i did use the search button but nothing realy gave me the information im looking for.

    when your a driver what do you do ie duties when say your a lance jack or a corpral? what is the best way to get promoted fast because i dont fancy being a private for ages.

    ive been told to ask to get on as many course's as poss so it gives you the upper hand over other people is this true or would it go down to time in the reg and experience?

    bit of a naff post but if you dont ask you dont get right.

  2. Oh do fuck off you mong. For someone who has managed 164 posts before asking a question that should have been on your lips on day 1 week 1 of being in the Army (not of being on arrse), you are not exactly promotion material are you. Search the threads you'll find it nestled in amongst all the other posts that seem to get posted over and over again.

    In short - you want promoted - you do the work!
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  3. got there in the end didn't u fanks
  4. Like I said........Fuck off you mong!
  5. Excuse BPS, he joined up as a Driver, did his Class 3,2,1 and Master Drivers course then when he got to his 1 year point retraded into fearless trade known as RLC Chef.

    But he is right, you are a mong. Mainly for not being able to spell correctly. So thinking about it, maybe in the Driver trade you will go far. And top tips for promotion in the Driver trade, dont crash, make sure your tyre pressures are correct and if you cant carry out your role as a Driver as in HERRICK 10 then approach the Pet Ops who will fill in for you. Dual traded you see!
  6. I now feel I must apologise to the mong. I have just figured out that he isn't even in the Army yet.
    He is in fact a civvie mong. So, sorry, civvie mong. Now then, off you fuck!
  7. CH90210!!!!! Chef? moi? A chef? You sir, are ******* deluded. Rather a slop than a trog - seven days a week and no mistake.

    You actually forgot to tell the civvie mong that he will spend most of his time sat with his thumb up his arrse wondering why he joined up in the first place. He needs to learn that he will spend the first 18 years of his career kicking wheels and getting confused by the colour codes on fuel caps before he is considered for lance jack. At which point he will assume the responsibility for supervising the aforementioned kicking and confusion.

    Starting to feel a bit sorry for the silly civvie mong. Given the rumours that are flying round the place at the moment. Joining a 'trade' that might not exist in the future. He can still fuck off though
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  8. Fixed that for you, my little troggy friend!!!! :)
  9. To be honest mate, assuming from your post that you aren't yet in the army, you already have the upperhand over most other trogs on account that you can actually write. Not very well, granted, but you formed a couple of sentences just the same. If you are already in the army then you are obviously a 'tard and need to microwave your head.
  10. Well, seeing as everyone in the driver trade is obviously at work or on ops and is not posting I feel the need to stick up for them.
    Actually no, I can't be bothered. As for the OP, learn to spell, punctuate and navigate the internet and use site search functions and maybe you'll start to display the ingenuity you need to get noticed. You'll get promoted on your abilities and merits, not on your ability to brown nose (alright, sometimes this works in poorer units) or spend 70% of your time diffy on courses.
  11. haha quality made me laugh there lads. cheers speedy will keep that in mind.
    what would be the best route to go down when it comes to picking a unit to join.
  12. Assuming you actually manage to get through Basic and pass your driving tests, just put down any shit that comes into your head (shouldn't be too hard for you) as you don't actually get to choose which Unit you are posted to. They let you fill in a form so you feel good, then post you anywhere else.

    Hope this helps,

  13. cheers shinny did this happen to you then
  14. I recall quite clearly upon my promotion to Sergeant asking the ASM to phone Manning and Records to see what postings were available. They gave me a choice of three, all in Aldershot and none of which I wanted. They then asked me to fill out a posting preference form, listing those three as my choices. Sufficed to say, I did fill out the required form listing units only in Cyprus. I ended up in Aldershot.
  15. Dear Civvy mong,

    Having noticed that you have not fucked off, I have decided to try and assist you in your quest for information and the 'inside gen' on how to make it in the RLC.

    Lesson 1: Shutup
    Lesson 2: Make sure you are clean, well shaven and smartly turned out.
    Lesson 3: Get used to the fact that no matter what you do you are at bottom of the shit pile in every respect.
    Lesson 4: Do what you are told when you are told to do it.
    Lesson 5: Do not go sick unless you are sick.
    Lesson 6: Stop fantasising that you are going to be some 'uber' warrior in HM's finest - please refer back to lesson 3 and take on board that you will be in the RLC. The little mates you have made in the joining up thread will be taught to hate you because you are a. not in their Regt and b. in the RLC
    Lesson 7: Make sure that your two pouches (1x ammo and 1x utility) are put onto your webbing properly and that your boots are on the correct feet.
    Lesson 7: Stop waffling shit about getting brown and black wings
    Lesson 8: Stop giving advice to other potential phase 1 recruits
    Lesson 9: Change your avatar - it's ******* crap
    Lesson 10: (and this is really important) Stop trying to second guess your whole ******* career before it has begun. Enjoy the ride and make the most out of everything the Army can give you. Aim very firmly at being disappointed (anything above that and you are in bonus territory).

    If you want any advice PM me but please stop cluttering up the board with shit questions that have been posted over and over again your worse than the ammo tech wannabes!

    Lots of love