Promotion / retention issue

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA_sig, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. MOD Edit: this belongs in its own thread ;)

    Moving off this thread a little: Too many times I have seen the following happen:
    TPCdr Smith: "Ah young pte Bloggs come here you rapscallion, now looking at your recent performance I'd love to promote you, but in order to do so I need you to have DITS/Driving qualifications - go forth and get them done"
    Pte Bloggs: "<Ahem>Well when are the next courses, and can you blackmail MT into doing it because if they even answer the phone the answer is normally - 'too busy call later ciao'".
    TPCdr: "Well just be persistant and we'll soon see you promoted".
    Move forward 12 or 24 months..
    TPCdr Smith: "Ah young pte Bloggs come here you rapscallion, now I'd love to promote you but you don't appear to have DITS or the right Driving qualifications.."
    Pte Bloggs: <Drops kit on desk, goes off to join the specials/scouts/girl guides/spend time with family>.

    Add above to incredibly late pay, poor internal comms, poor utilisation of skills on exercise, changing requirements for bounties, late bounties... No wonder people sign off left right and center, and that's before they've been on tour and f*cked about no end.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    The reality is that driving should be treated like any other course and left in the hands of those who book courses, rather than those of the MTWO.

    But you can't blame the TA for that.

  3. Some of us do treat them as courses and run an annual cadre. But when we get people their C+E license they then have to go through hours and hours of fam training before they can even drive a land-rover and trailor.

    So in the meantime the guy goes out into civvi street and gets a job driving a 38t artic (with no fam training). He then can't drive at weekends or even has to leave the TA due to the new drivers hours regulations. We can't win, it just seems that everything is conspiring against us at almost every level and most of the stumbling blocks are of our own making!
  4. The worst is when you do the courses that your Troop commander tells you to and do everything that you need to do according to crewman 2000 only to find out your paperwork has been lost and you have to repeat the course, or when the TA have no record of you doing a course even though you did it through your own regiment and were trained by instructiors from your regiment.
  5. This is the part that bugs me! You want a chap to get things done so you can give him the CR of his life and either a.) He doesnt bother getting his theory test done, or b.) MT staff are mucking around and generally being lazy.

    solution: (cant do much about a.) Give the Tp Comdr some actual clout over MT! Until the role of a Tp Comdr is given the weight within Regts that is required, things will never happen. There should be redress when it imerges that a Tp Comdr has asked for something and is promptly ignored (usually by Regs.('cos 'es no a proper occifer')). :evil:
  6. It's very easy to blame MT staff. At our unit the MT staff have organised driving lessons and tests but the MT staff can't pass the test for you.

    After three or four tests it starts to become a cost issue. The army is broke. Yet the individuals who complain about the MT staff are the very fellows who have failed the tests they have already sat.

    I agree that Driving courses should be treated as courses and dealt with by Regt. Training appointments rather than MT. God knows the MT have enough on keeping our fleet of twenty plus year old vehicles on the road because "It's been in contract repair for more than 28 days and now needs re-inspecting before it can be driven."

    Lay off the MT. The lad who runs it at our unit is a young man but he is able and does a good, proffessional job. He's also my mate.
  7. Or maybe each regional training centre should run driving courses
  8. p.s. Driving quals are not necessarily linked to promotion, it depends on which regiment you are in.
  9. Is this perhaps aimed at the thread poster?

    Assigning the blame on MT for Dvr Trg or lack there of is slightly mis-placed, or atleast in part. it is a Sqn/Regt's training officer/ Sqn 2IC/ TCO who should be laying on the trg, however MT does have its part to play(atleast in terms of providing Vehs to play in). But is'nt solely responsible for the delivery of the Trg.
  10. Ahhh, the old driver training issue.

    There is a third way... promote people based on merit, and stuff the driver training aspect. I'm a class 2, but don't hold B+E, therefore according to "the rules" i shouldn't even be a class 3, let alone a JNCO.

    We've ran exercises where we've had a Sgt/SSgt with driver quals acting as the det 2IC (its more fun for them and good experience for the upcoming Det Comdr's, so i'm told).

    The problems will really start when we run out of drivers with nothing near the quals required. That will be a great exercise. We'll just take our manpacks on the coach to STANTA shall we? With no G10 to speak of, and our little batco sheets because we can't afford to be given BOWMAN.

    And that will conclude the successful re-role of TA Sigs as backstop infantry and IR's.

    Everyones a winner baby!

  11. drivers and training

    the blight of our unit. it has gotten so bad recently that even jnco's without an fmt600 have been driving our vehicles for exercise. we are down to just a slack handful of famed drivers and if one cant play at a weekend the whole thing goes pearshaped.

    as for getting courses..there is more chance of finding lord lucan riding shergar with the evidence of the princess di cover up than there is to getting any sort of course from our staff. our ssm stands up and says we need people to do courses and when you ask for them it is usually course oversubscribed or couldnt get application sent for whatever reason.

    not mention promotion...when they can promote a fat idle barsteward who cant pass a pft....ggrrrrr.
  12. Next you'll be telling we have Class 3 Cpls (again lacking driving quals)...........
  13. What about having DIT's as a pre-requisite? A course that you need to be a Lance Jack for is required to get promoted to Lance Jack.... I know you can get local rank but it's seems stupid to me! Are there no other decent courses for non-inf pte's?

    T C
  14. Cor fuck me. You're a bit of a controvertial character aren't you.

    One thing that amazes me is the differing standards between Regts/Corps in their criteria for promotion. Some promote immediatly on completion of a course/Op tour/going to the toilet without shitting your pants, etc.

    Others make you jump through horrendous hoops and impose ludicrous time bars.

    Not that I'm bitter or anything much.
  15. :D

    Yep, maybe that was me (before i became a class 2)???