Promotion requirement?

Ok I was due to be promoted to ssgt in sep last year. I was unfortunate to be one of the students on the doomed staffies course that got binned on day 1.
The question is, in the T.A do you HAVE to complete the (Royal Signals) course BEFORE promotion or can you be promoted and then do the course?.
Bearing in mind it was out of my control that i did not complete the course.
how can you say that you were due to be promoted to SSgt last year before having done the course and then being selected for promotion??

surely thats arrse about face, do the course and then you are qualified in the hope of getting selected ? ;)
fivetodo said:
do the course and then you are qualified in the hope of getting selected ? ;)
Its a TA thing, most won't do the course until they are told they need to do (i.e. its stopping them from being promoted) or its obvious they need to do.

I was the only one on mine not expecting to get promoted on return (wasn't trade qualified)
Merlin is so right!!
I wasnt arrsed about doing the course but was told i had been selected off the regt board and once completed the prom would be authorised by records.
They told us at blandford that there were a couple of Ssgts on the previous course.??
I am a little annoyed that i booked time off etc only for it to be canx on the first day and now this is holding me up.
Hello iceberg i knew you'd find this!!
You can be promoted to acting SSGT and be told do the course within a year, as someone was in my regiment. Then be made sub on completion of the course. Its up to your unit to look at your individual case and decide.

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