Promotion prospects.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ThreeJs, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. I intend to join the Corps as a bod (or as a LCpl?) sometime next year. I'm curious about the potential speed at which my career may progress.

    I've heard that promotion to LCpl happens rather fast. What about therafter (potentially)? People seem to think IntCorps are rather career-competitive, is that because promo's are rare, or do people simply think that because the speed at which IntCorps soldiers (being generally clever kind of people) accelerate up the ladder?

    Is Sgt IntCorpsAverage older or younger than Sgt ArmyAverage?
  2. Depends on the Individual how quickly you can get promoted.

    There are some idiots in the Int Core - dont let the word Int fool you.
  3. You will find it harder and harder to promote as the Int Corps expands in the next few years. You will be stuck unless you shine, and when I mean shine I do not mean by the quality and quantity of work you produce but whether you are noticed by your CO for putting on a most irrelevant and pointless skit at a Battalion function or whether you organise a sporting event for the entire Corps. It's about being able to run fast without knowing your job, it's about being a socialite within our glorious Corps, knowing people and 'liaising' them to liver failure and eventual death. It's about being a politician amongst liars and getting through to the other side unscathed and knocking over as many 'colleagues' as you can. Don't think all the reports you do or all the time you take away from your family will get you up that ladder faster, because it won't. There's too many juniors in our Glorious Corps for anyone to notice anymore. And don't think I'm bitter either, I'm just going to adapt and carve my own bloody swathe through this mindless career, get to the top as fast as you can, otherwise you will find all the rungs in the ladder will have worn away.

    It's a good job though if you land in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

    It's all opinions and experiences. Some people have marvellous times, some have the most dire and dreadful. See how you get on matey, because there is light at the end of the tunnel, I promise! :wink:
  4. Or the words Corps, perhaps BB?
  5. Poor you G2...Sadly not all of us can be gainfully employed in a career path which recognises our individual strengths. Addressing perceived barriers to promotion for Juniors is key to the role of SNCO within the corps. I'm certain that your particular brand of high quality product will eventually be rewarded by those who truly value your commitment to your role and if I were in a position to do so, I would certainly make representations on your behalf...In the mean time, however, Tea white no sugar. Ta
  6. i really hope this is a windup. if it is, consider me to have bitten.

    you sell your soul and do the politics and backstabbing. personally i get my guys to concentrate on being good at the job. and if i thought any of them were acting in the way you endorse, i would pull them in for a chat PDQ.

    yes, extracurricular activities are always going to be noticed. and yes, some people who organise things are going to get promoted whilst others slave away unnoticed.

    personally, i will be training and encouraging my lot to be as good as they possibly can at their job. if opportunities to shine arise, they will be shared out. some rise to the challenge, some don't. but i would hate to work for somebody who thinks there is no point in striving to be good at the job, and encourages the guys to shout loud about their "achievements"... whilst clambering up their mates' backs. those who stand on others shoulders to get above the crowd will always get found out in the end.

    i can sum up your attitude in one word.


    i really hope you were joking.
  7. You are bitter aren't you, go on admit it.
  8. satire noun 1 a literary composition, originally in verse, which holds up follies and vices for criticism, ridicule and scorn. 2 the use of instruments such as sarcasm, irony, wit and humour in such compositions. 3 satirical writing as a genre.
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    I thank you and... ahem...


    Issues I took the mick out of aren't completely untrue however, what I brought out were extreme versions that don't occur all the time, every time! But to some poor unfortunates seem to occur on quite a regular basis. :D
  10. I assume you fall into the latter of these categories then CR!!
  11. Calm down dear! You don't have to read the big nasty letters if you don't want to. Just close your eyes and see how they disappear! Go on... :roll:
  12. Let me drink 10 pints of wife beater then I will give it a go! Probably won't be able to to speak let alone read after that!!!
  13. Loony, in some respects you have hit the nail on the head... looking down at the fight to get up the ladder i see plenty of blokes that should have been promoted above their peers - but were not. These are the type that are good blokes, graft their t*ts off and produce the goods across the board, and yet no promotion... and why? i recall hearing at one of the marvellous study days i attended..

    "When the CR goes to the board the fact that you are good at your job is no longer enough to push you over the quality line, board members are looking to see what else the individual does, what separates him from his peers - sports, organising events etc and his activities outside of work are now more relevant than ever before" or words to that effect.

    The surplus of supernumeraries around the houses will only compound this as more and more enter the arena our JNCO’s are being forced to compete for fewer and fewer slots, and sadly the answer seems to be more akin to Loonys posts.

    CR you bit royally - but how many times have you heard the expression "face time with the CO" this year?? :x :x It seems all the rage… :roll:
  14. Much obliged Green_Machine, glad to see some b@stards have a sense of humour as well as some sense! :D
  15. :idea: Sadly constrained by early-onset altzheimers, Subbsonic realised too late that the RAF had been running the R Sigs MCM Div for too long.

    Don't worry about how you perform on the deployments, just make sure you excell at climing / cycling/ sailing / shooting / three-day event / adventure training and don't forget

    { is there still an RAF SO3 in HQ DISC?}