Promotion prospects within AGC (RMP)

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Coracao, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. I'm currently going through the process of applying to go to Sandhurst. I was wondering if anyone could advise me as to what the promotion prospects are within the RMP for an Officer and if these are favourable or similar to what might be expected of regiments such as the Royal Engineers and Logistics.

    Obviously, i'm aware that much will be dependent upon personal performance. But are the timescales generally the same across all regiments, or do they tend to vary?

  2. I'm not a rupert as I prefer working for a living, but from what I've seen the promotion is generally the same across the board.
  3. You might like to try the officers section/thread. Posting here is I am afraid nieve at best.

    To add my pennies worth, officers, having looked from the inside looking in, seem to be promoted (to a degree/certain level) when the sun comes out to play, when enlisted men and women have to work at it. That however, is the lay of the land.

    Some may see that comment as sour grapes, (I left as a Warant Officer) but to my mind it's a fact of life. There is good and bad in every walk of life.

    If you wan't a commission, go for it. If your looking for a job with the best promotion prospects, and that is your sole rationale, those that you may lead, will be rightly worried about your motives.

    There are enough people around who are only interested in their own career once they get in, never mind before they make their choice. As a commander, your first priority should be your soldiers.

    Food for thought perhaps.
  4. I have noted the points you have made.

    I have previously used the 'Officer' forum. I posted this question in here, as I believed it would receive a greater and more informed response. My previous experiences with the 'Officer' forum have been in regards to general recruitment advice etc. and not been in regards to a specific regiment.
  5. I think you should note that no AGC (RMP) officer has ever been promoted above the rank of Brigadier and at any time only one holds this rank and that is as Provost Marshal (Army).

    So as an officer with RMP your main career chances are between 2Lt and Col. 2Lt to Maj should be a walk in the park though.

    You would need to know how many LEs were holding the available slots above you and how many were likely to transfer in having decided that their career prospects were not so hot elsewhere in the Army. From there you need to establish natural wastage and realise that the main promotion moves come on the retirement of the PM. Last one was in post for five years, work it out.

    Saying that any officer who commissions from Sandhurst has in theory the same chance of becoming CGS, in reality you need the correct profile and experiences from day one, RMP will not provide those.
  6. Thanks for your informative response.