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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dmibaby, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. I have just completed the process of transferring from the Signals to the Medics. My CR, had i stayed in the Signals is probably good enough to get me promoted. The board sits whilst I am still training to be a medic so I am wondering if I get promoted off the Signals board, would I still get to wear the tapes as a Medic or should I just expect to be in the rank I am for a longer time?

    I asked my 2i/c before I left the Signals about this and was told that if i get promoted it would be because I have done something to deserve it and not because i have done the relevant courses so the promotion should stand.

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of people still keeping a promotion even when they have transfered to a different Corps?

    I still may not even come off the board at all, but still curiosity killed the cat and all that.
  2. I transferred from one corps to the AGC (don't ask me why!!) and was subsequently selected whilst in trg for new trade. I was de-selected pretty damn quick and was then told i would require 12 months in my new trade to be eligible.

    Slightly different to you as i am told it was an admin cock-up that my CR book went to the board. At least i can geet that bitterness off my chest
  3. Just goes to show anything can happen in the army i guess. I know the best answer is to not build my hopes up over it and expect the worst but if I keep on expecting the worst out of every situation I would probably end up bitter and twisted like a lot of people in the Army.
  4. surely this was covered during the process of transferring? did you not ask? i know that about 2 years ago, transferees to a certain cap badge were ineligible for promotion during their first year.
  5. No it was not covered during the process and I did ask, but my own seniors could only give me half answers nothing definate along the lines of "I don't see why you shouldn't". I can understand the reasons why I would be uneligible for promotion, but I have been told that I may still get promoted and should get to keep it by my own 2i/c. This is all resting on the case that I do come off the board at all nothing is certain.

    When the process was started I was not looking to come off the board at all so the subject did not seem relevant at the time. I would have asked the PSO but I did not find out what my CR grade would be until several months after the interview.
  6. I also did hear that certain cap badges had a promotion ban on them but that the medics was not one of them! Guess the only way I will really find out is to wait and see.
  7. Problem is in the Sigs you are qualified (by employment class, time in current rank). You are know RAMC/QARANC?? From my darkest memory and assuming you are looking at the Cpl board coming up i think you need to be minimum class 2, so if you have just completed and are class 3 then you would not be qualified and wouldn't go forward for the board. The min promotion requirements and rules on one up were explained to me in the transfer process and i know are a matter of course in other Corps' process as CR said.

    My case differed because i was selected in my old trade whilst transferring to my new one, an admin mare but only took me 4!! years to catch up :D

    Best advice would be to speak to your RCMO for a definitive answer
  8. Left this a long time but I think i should probably let you know what happened.

    I transferred and got to keep my second after the board had sat. It was a bit complicated for me at the time but it went a bit like this.

    If I agreed to go to a certain unit on completion of my phase 2 retrading i would keep my second tape and become acting. I would then have to sit as acting cpl until I got promoted to Cpl the normal way by CR's and the like. Only once I had come of the Medics board would i be allowed my second officially.

    So it worked out well in the end, lost some seniority but that's it.

    Oh and I did come of the board in the Medics shortly afterwards anyway.

    Thanks for the help. Sorry I left it so long to reply.
  9. Thanks, I've not slept a wink since 2008. I can now rest easy.
  10. Not slept a wink since 2008? Have you considered getting your prostate checked out?