Promotion pay

I have recently picked up my 3rd tape having been a full screw for over 10 years. As I was a full screw for so long, I was on level 7 pay band and earning more than junior level Sgt's. Now that I have been promoted how will this affect my pay? I have heard that you cant take a pay drop when you get promoted however is it right that I will be earning more than Sgt's who have held the rank for a few years?

I have asked my CofC and nobody can give the official answer.
i find it hard that as a ten year full screw you dont know the answer yourself!

You will receive a 5% pay rise (as per AFPRB 2009) which will be used to calculate the appropriate grade and level that they will put you on according to trade (ie: higher/lower band)

Also you will be entitled to have your Sgts mess dress paid for (well an allowance anyway) which varies according to what cap badge you are

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