Promotion Pay penalty?

I`m after some advice from any pay 2000 gurus, My pay office is full of civil servants who are a little too grey in this area.

Currently I am lvl 6 Sgt on the higher pay scale (yes feels good) but my trade group on promotion to SSgt returns to the lower pay scale.

I was informed that If I was promoted I would recieve a 2% increase on my current rate. This would put me at SSgt low band lvl 6.

I know I will have to mark time at that lvl until I have served enough time in rank to qualify for the last increment.

Now my question is on top of marking time will I no longer qualify for the annual pay award?

If not I stand to lose out on around £800-£1000 a year dependant on the pay award.

Pay 2000 its for winners.

Any advice is much appreciated.
The answer to you your question is that you will still get the annual pay rises. I was promoted just before Pay (cut) 2000 was implemented (in 2001!). I went to level 4 on the pay scale, and still am, but I have always got the annual pay rises.

Hope this helps.
2 things here !!

You will not be on Mark Time Rates of Pay, that was only on transition if you didn't have the relevant seniority :D

You will also still get the annual AFPRB awards every April - for what they are worth anyway 8O

Would be nice to get to the Higher Band sometime too !! :(
Thx for the replies.

My concerns are after reading Soldier Magazine where a Soldier had rebadged and got mess about by going high to low then to high band.

The official response he got stated he would mark time and not qualify for the annual award until a shadow pay rate caught up. True his circumstances are not like mine but this Shadow pay rate (never heard of that one) is a bit of a worry.

If I can go into a little more detail,

If I am promoted from Sgt lvl 6 high to SSgt, becuase of the lack of parity between bands I cannot take a pay cut. But I also must see a pay increase with promotion. So high lvl 6 Sgt would move across to low lvl 5 SSgt, include the 2% pay increase and I would get low lvl 6 SSgt.

I would have to mark time becuase my band is 5 years ahead of a first year SSgt (I can live with that).

So would they create this never heard of before Shadow pay rate forcing me to stay on my current pay not recieving the annual pay award until the shadow pay rate overtook it.

LOL I hope I made some kinda sense there.

Many thanks
You will not have to Mark Time when you get promoted. That was originally done during the transition to PY2K rates of pay from the old system.

Once you are promoted under PY2K you go in wherever the 2% pay rise takes you, if it is Level 6 then after 1 year you will go to level 7.

As I said before it would be nice to be on the higher pay band - just for a little while !! :roll:

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