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As the title suggets, i am just curious as to the method and time frame it takes somebody to get an acting rank.

Point to note, i am MPGS. Not sure what section to put this under so this one seemed to be the best one.

The reason for asking this is i am due to get acting Cpl (i was told this about 2 months ago) and back pay for doing it from when i took over the position, which was June.

The thing is, i have still heard nothing and my Det Comd is not getting any joy either. From what i understand of the situation so far is that the camp 2i/c has (not sure) spoken to Glasgow. But, he has heard nothing back, "when i hear something, you will hear something" kind of thing.

Has anybody gone through this process already?, and how long did it / could it take?

Many thanks for any info on this.
I have not been given an AO for this post, i came into this Det as a Pte and got promoted to LCpl about 2.5 years ago.

I was a section 2 i/c. The section commander got promoted to Sgt and moved into the Det Comd slot. Nobody from here came of the promotion board, and nobody came in. I started doing the whole section Commander job as soon as he took over as Det Comd (June).

The section commander job is for a Cpl rank, i am currently Sub LCpl rank. That is why they said they were going to make me up to acting Cpl, to effectively take over the section properly.

I know it sounds confusing, it confuses the hell out of me how it can sound so easy and seem so difficult to do !! :?
If the section commander post you are in is established as either 'rank-ranged' LCpl - Cpl or indeed as Cpl (sounds as if it could well be) and you are as you say, a Substantive LCpl, then it should be a relatively simple task to secure you paid acting rank of Cpl. A call to the relevant desk from your boss, followed up with a completed Annex F to PD 10 (or the relevant documentation dealing with Promotion in your Corps) signed off by your OC and Bob should be your Uncle! You're quids in.

One drama (dunno if its the same for your Corps) is that they only normally like to issue the acting paid rank for 6 months or less. If by this time you haven't been pre-selected and the post still hasn't been filled, then establishment work may be needed to re-adjust the rank of the post itself. Or your boss may need to restart the whole process again as a special case.

Either way mate it sounds as if you have a very good and fairly uncomplicated case. Whatever happens though and all being well, you should be reported on in a more favourable fashion than if you were still in your LCpl post. I hope this is of help mate, good luck!
It is a Cpl slot.

I thought i would be a relatively simple task to do myself. It looks as though either somebody is telling porkies to someone else, or they just have not been arrsed to do it yet.

Looks like a PPP is going not going to have this pace on next time. If they are messing me about over something like this, what would they do over something really important !

Many thanks for the info though.
MPGS desk at the APC unhelpful....i don't believe that for a moment
What would happen if i took the bull buy the horns and displayed some Cpl get up and go and rang Glasgow myself to see what was happening ??.

Although, i can already guess what the answer is !!.

Just a pain in the ass wondering what is going on and wondering where the problem is.

Other people i have spoken to seemed to have gotten theirs sorted out in just a few weeks. They are regular army and not MPGS though.

The only other plan of action is to badger my Det Comd until he gets so pi**ed off with me they ban me from the office !! :twisted:
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