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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wellyhead, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. I have a question about timescales for promotion in the TA, to explain I'm an ex reg who held full screw before I left. I have now joined the TA but the delay from flash to bang was over 5 yrs and I have been told I won't get my rank back straight away, as a side note I have joined the same capbadge as I was as a reg.

    Now I'm not phased at this, in fact I was expecting to have to prove myself again and not go straight back in at the old rank but I have just been delivered a suprise in the fact that I have to wait till the promotion board sits for lance jack, again not a major issue, just a slight delay but what has me worried is will I have to do 6 months acting, pick up substansive and then wait 2 years to be in line for promotion or will I be able to just do 6 months and then pick up at any time ?

    As I said I don't mind proving m yself and fighting for promotion with the rest, its just waiting 2 yrs, irrespective of ability, exp and qualifications, just red tape for a rank I held in the regs for 7 yrs is a pain
  2. If your quals are current (and relevant), promotion should be little more than a formality, provided vacancies exist. A lot will depend on how well your unit is subscribed. Timings will depend a lot on the personalities involved; you could find that the promotion board bumps you straight up to bombardier. On the other hand...
  3. Theres are loads of places for lance jacks and fullscrews and hardly anyone able to fill them. The want and the needs in place, the problem is the RSA have refused returning my rank due to time which makes me wonder about my courses, I was told they would still be valid but I fear that may not be the case.

    My question isn't that its more about the TA and Crewman 2000, does this enforce a 2 year gap betwen lance jack and full screw or can I pick up my 2nd whne the "waiting period" is over ? (asuming people want to give it to me of course)
  4. The problem is that your previous rank had an expiry date. Off the top of my head rank/quals is only good for a couple of years (although the planning figure for how long a soldier stays current in the Regular Reserve is 5 years).

    I suspect this will mean going through the normal waiting periods, but it's been so long since I had to worry about such things that I'm not current with it.

    However, appeals certainly used to be possible, but I think these days it might have to go upto Division
  5. Welly, presumably you are fully C2K qualified for full screw in your current trade?

    There is no laid down time in rank of LBdr in order to be promoted to Bdr, only a requirement to have completed 2 years reckonable service (ie total TA and Reg service).

    Where there is likely to be a delay is in the boarding process. You need to be boarded for LBdr, be selected and promoted before you can be boarded for promotion to Bdr.

    Both the above boards are Battery boards and there are no fixed dates for them. They are held on an 'as required' basis on the decision of your BC. Normally there are only 1 per rank per year and they can either be both held at the same time or dependant on the MS timetable.

    Speak to your BSM and ask him what the plan for boards is and whether there is any perceived problem on you being boarded for LBdr and then Bdr on promotion.
  6. BS

    Cheers that exactly the sort of answer I was looking for, I couldn't figure out wheter the 2 yrs for full screw meant 2 years in total or as a lance jack, question is if they feck off my rank and posssibly my trades, would they do the same for the years as well ?

    I know exactly whent the board is and that i'm on it as a matter of course, no issue there at all, I was just wondering if there was red tape tying things up. Now you have said there is a board once a year it makes sense as we have a couple of guys on telic who will probably be back about then who should also pick up. The BCs original plan was get me made up ASAP then give it 6 months in rank to make sure I'm not a total throbber before getting my second back, just talk of a board got me thinking. I will probably see him tomorrow ref this anyway, its fresh unoffical news and possibly over reacting

    As for C2K, thats another story, I'm old school DC flags which equates to ACS lvl 4, thing is I am unsure wheter I will get some, all or none of it, the PSI was under the impression I would be OK but then again he thought I would get all my rank back, I won't be the only one getting screwed over this mind as both the PSI and the BC have already pencilled in courses and lessons I'm supposed to be instructing on, tis would be a real spanner in the works.

    I shall chase tomorrow, thanks again
  7. RA TDT Pam 101 has been declassified and is available on t'internet now:

    Make sure that you have ALL the required courses in the bag for progression; remember ACS is joint CPA and Sigs and you need L3 (advanced in old money) in both for promotion to Bdr.

    Check with your PSI to see whether you have been mapped across (Annex V submitted to RHQ) to C2K and what level you were mapped across as. You will not be able to be promoted if you are missing one qual, even something like a DITs course.

    Also, for any other gunners getting demoralised by the effects of C2K (especially on the TA and ACS in particular) be aware that TDT are reviewing C2K with a view to returning to something more akin to C85. Details to follow some time in the future and effect likely to be regs first, us down the line.

    Wait Out

    [/gunner mumbo jumbo]
  8. In some units, the promotion boards are held at Regt, not Bty. Although the BC can promote to L/Bdr without reference to Regt, it is strongly discouraged ........