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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by raversrevenge, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. if you join ta, how long would it be before they consider you for promotion, or would they only consider this if you become mobilised
  2. You would wait at least 34 years.

    This will enable you to be in the same age bracket as the rest of the JNCOs in your unit.

    Mobilisation reduces the 34 year time period to 33.5 years.
  3. I always thought it was dead mans shoes (you had to kill to get to the top)
  4. No, the killing is optional - you merely have to carry out a smear campaign on your rivals. I find a mess photo, with successfully smeared rivals' faces crossed out acts as an excellent aide memoire.
  5. I thought you had to kill to replace.. :p damn I sure got that wrong what on earth will I do with the bodies now?
  6. Put Major's slides on them and leave them in your TAC mess. No one should notice...
  7. Ignore Geordie_Blerk. He's like a really funny, relevant bloke minus the humorous relevance.

    You'll ( in general ) be promoted if you are qualified and capable and if there is a slot for you. The old days of being promoted for being a Good Bloke are pretty much gone.

    Dunno about Core types, but with the Infantry its probably 12-18 months minimum, realistically somewhat longer.
  8. And you have never deployed.

    In over 20 years!
  9. I asked the same question of my PSAO and got the following reply:

    "There are a number of bridges to cross before you can become a Junior NCO. The first of these is of course Phase 1 Recruit training. Once you have completed this you will be posted to one of our Specialist Teams (STRE) and you would need to complete some training with the STRE in order to gain a recommendation for promotion to Junior NCO. You would then need to attend the JNCO Course following which you would be promoted. The normal time scale from joining to Junior NCO is 4/5 years and does depend on how well you perform as a TA soldier."
  10. I also hear going on ops can some times decrease the waiting time
  11. Geordie-maggot is anti TA so don't pay him a blind bit of notice - he hasn't got a clue about the TA or any respect for them.
  12. Being a TA tom I think it is essential to go on ops before thinking about promotion as if you are a l/jack in the TA you should be able to command regular soldiers should you be mobilised to do so - from what I have read you have only just joined and you should concentrate on acomplishing soldiering skills before promotion, in my expereince people who are after really fast promotion are knob jockey little hitlers who want to order people about having done f**kall themselves, min 4 years plus a tour.
  13. And you remain a fuckwit.

    Live with it.

    PS - still think that Remembrance is a day for you?

  14. promotion also really depends on what trade your in as well, some take longer than others !