Promotion from CPL to SGT

How many recommedations on CR's does it take for a full screw to get their third?
Someone at 1 Mech who has only been a full screw just over a year, has just come of the reserve list. What a joke!!!!!!!
if he's up to the job then what's the problem/ Not jealous are we?
He could have been on det somewhere so got extra CR. If both were O he could be considered for promotion though it does seem a bit quick. Best of luck to him if he's worth it.
it is very rare that individuals have back to back promotions in certain cases this can be due to the individual being in the right place at the right time ( ie his piers are poor), or he *cooked socks*
this is not a problem at the lower ranks but further up the chain you go the harder it is to cover your inexperience
points to note now a days you are promoted not on what you do but what you can oranise
a bit of advice
get yourself on a committe organise a Regt function do something out side your work (kids club coaching kids sports)
or if that fails buy some extra strong mints and do some sock cooking
Whatever happened to blokes getting promoted at being good at their job. The way to get promoted in my unit is to make sure every little thing you do is noticed by those who need to notice it. Oh, and being a 'yes man'. Obviously helps to be a good soldier as well like.
you are right it happened when they stopped us old boys smashing the sprogs up, as you have said you now have to find some other way of getting noticed
bring back corporal, Sgt, SSgt, WO punishment????
Also young officers should not be seen or heard unless told to
Think on this:

No one has the right to be promoted.

BUT we all have the right to be considered for promotion.

Under the current system, we essentially all have one chance to be considered for promotion each year.

Make sure that you are QUALIFIED for promotion before you consider that you might be worth it...

Possibly depending on any sock cooking - it is possible to get 2 annual 'O's in the time you state. There only needs to be 9 months between CR's to count as an annual; not an interim. I can't see anything wrong with 'flyers' being selected after 2 CR's, it is the reserve list after all.
I suspect in this case that the guy was not selected based on 1 CR, although pre-board filtering may have eliminated loads of candidates and if they are looking for a given number and there is only that number made it through the filters - then it becomes a no brainer.

The boards do not consider everyone that is eligiable - they keep filtering until the have a 'reasonable' amount of candidates for the vacancies being considered (on the basis that being filtered IS being considered, it just not the board that does the filter - so there's no 2nd chance) - the bigger your rank/trade group the more filters they apply. The trick is to try and make sure that you get everything applicable under your belt - including being known!! - gob off a bit, in a good way - nobody recalls the quiet ones no matter how good they are.

In my time we had access to the blue book, which listed all OR's by their substansive date and much merriment was had every board as old sweats argued their seniority.

It's supposed to be about merit, but only after you've made the filter.

Looking back I could never understand why an experienced CPL we called 'fat mess' (1 Div), never got selected for Sgt before he left after 22. I reckon they were bias just because he failed his RSDCC and EPC - I mean he could almost pass his BFT... and you should give credit for trying ......

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