Promotion for THE IRON (SUFC)

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by The_IRON, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. Come on The Iron well done for promotion into the Championship, first time since 1964. Do you think we'll keep Billy Sharpe?
  2. No, seems like a good kid but even the manager/physio said yesterday that he wants to leave (after getting a promotion medal)
  3. Is this the same SUFC as "Buxton's Army"?

    Long time ago admittedly.
  4. I know Liverpool have been sniffing could be a good pay day if he goes
  5. Scunthorpe Utd The Iron sorry not heard of Buxtons Army so cant say
  6. An ex-manager of Scunny was Mick Buxton - not long after they moved from the Old Showground to Glandford Park
  7. Sorry mate was miles away its a Sunday, I even used to go to the old showground and watch Beefy.

    1/10 for History on SUFC
  8. It’s going to be great when they build the extra 1000 houses by Tesco. :roll: Not much point going west on a match day. :x
  9. I used to go there too to watch them, then out onto Hendy Ave and across to the chippy.
  10. It's bad enough now.
  11. When are they getting built. I expect they will be quite expensive given the location.