Promotion for the downgraded

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by HEART_STOPPER, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick question as we have had a little chat amongst ourselves and there seems to be a difference of opinion.
    If you are downgraded are you automatically removed from the promotion board?
    Please note lads this is not a thread for your "All downgraders are oxygen thieves" type replys, it's just got me thinking, am i deploying on Ops and Ex for no reason other than making up the numbers.
    If thats the case then i may have to think out my reason for stopping in the job.
    Thanks for your replys in advance.
  2. No, you are not precluded from the board. If you are selected for promotion your case is then further decided by the medics who will decide whether your promotion is acceptable given your downgrading status. I am downgraded, but still picked up. There is still hope!

    And before anyone has a pop, I couldn't give a toss!

  3. Is that why you're downgraded?
  4. Found this albeit on an RAC type question

    "No. Although you may not be FE, that does not preclude you from being graded at a promotion board (assuming you are both recommended and qualified). If you are above the quality line, then MCM Div will try to find suitable employment that will allow you to promote."

    Might help but you know as well as I do it's because your face doesn't fit.
  5. Dont get me going!!!!!!!!!!

    Why Thankyou. Pint of Caffreys please.
  7. Just left a unit (ok he was REME) where the Cpls VE's was downgraded (he could not bend or pick up a tool box so could not work on vehicles or deploy 'was not allowed to fire weapons or wear webbing etc due to bad back')

    He still picked up his Sgt and was posted to a unit readying for deployment to Iraq (could not go on tours of course) ends up doing the same as he always did geeking on comp at new unit.
  8. Great so you get selected but cannot get promoted because you cannot complete a JCCC.
  9. Yes that just about covers it, new CREs thing.
  10. That has got to one of the best retention ideas yet :x
  11. Is there not a downgraded version? If not, is that not against equal ops?

    I was P3 LE, did everything my peers, job etc, but was not allowed to do a BFT/ CFT! So I get held back for promotion?
    If I did get selected, I could never be substansive, so is that discrimination?
  12. Thats shocking. If your PULHEEMS standard is downgraded then in my opinion you should not get promotion. If your not fit to do 100% of your job how can someone get promoted and be unfit for duties or deployment ??

    So we are now promoting Biff Chit's to provide leadership to the able bodied & racing snakes ?

    No harm meant to anyone who has a temporary sports injury or hurt on Ops but to see a Blanket Stacker with a bad back & unable to deploy as he is a serial Sick Note & then get his Third. Not on my watch. FFS what is this Man's Army coming to ?
  13. In exactly the same boat except I was promoted 3 times since I was first down graded over 10 years ago. Each cap badge and trade has different needs and requirements, each case should be taken on merit and circumstance, I would sooner see a good leader who can't run, than a crap one who can do 8 min BFT!
  14. There is a difference between doing your job at 100% and being downgraded though.

    I know people who are permanently Dg'd for genuine injuries that they cannot recover from, yet they still manage to perform their job to a high standard, deploy on Ops and not shirk duties.

    Cases should be reviewed individually.

    The new policy (it is, isnt it?) for PFT/CFT for JCC will see a lot of good lance corporals staying at that rank as they cannot meet the criteria. As a result you'll see those lads waving goodbye and going to civvi street, taking their knowledge and job skills with them.

    Here we go again.. S'like Deja vu from the early 90s.. the older lads'll leave in their droves, leaving a younger, healthier, inexperienced Corps behind 'em.
  15. "Cases should be reviewed individually"

    Completely agree with Fatbadge. Feels like we'll end up with a situation similar to the one that has dogged the corps since options for change back in the day. As an aside, a very good friend of mine was downgraded, having lost the use of a limb. Strangely enough promotion came thick and fast for him. Perhaps because of the managerial negligence that led to his injury? Horses for courses eh?