Promotion for I.S Engr

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Suma, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    I am IS, have been for 2 years now. I've heard rumours that the new IS & TECH (CS Eng) trade are getting their first stripe out of Blandford. If that is so what will happen to the guys who are already IS, will they get a promotion or get left behind?
  2. hopefully you will get left behind you cone heads!!
  3. As most current Geeks are failed Techs, they already have a tape or two... :p
  4. I would imagine that unless you get the tech part of the CS Eng trade under your belt, you will stay as a Siggy.

    I know there are courses for the SET to convert to CS Eng, are there similar courses for IS Op/IS Eng to convert to CS Engr? I would assume this would essentially be a condensed Techy course.

    Also, as pointed out above, a large number of Techs have retraded to IS Op/Eng already, are they by default CS Engrs?
  5. Ha ha, you're awesome. Give us another.

    I hear the plan is for NCOs selected to attend their 2-1 upgrading to do some form of pre-course (until the new CS Engrs start coming through in 4 or 5 years). It will essentially fill in the bits that would be missing according to the new trade requirements. So, for example, a class 2 IS guy wouldn't need to do stuff like analog circuitry and all the mathematical principles and theory, because all the analysis has suggested that those skills simply don't add value in the modern deployed battlespace. Some old'n'bold may disagree, but if you consider what the headsheds actually want the Corps to do on ops, it's hard to deny that the range of practical skills used to achieve capability has certainly shifted. I suspect that the remaining "techy" content may not be as substantial as you may think.

    Apparently not. I heard that there's a signal floating about saying that the first people to be formally called CS Engrs will be the Techs who do next year's conversion course. The sweetener will be that those guys will be first in line for the Class 1 upgrader. It should be a no-brainer.
  6. When I read the topic title I thought I'd look in to see what IS Engrs had been promoted from chair warming, geek talking, only ever had sex on their own TWWWATTTTS to.... and bugger me, they haven't been promoted at all!

    Still the lowest form of life in the Royal Corps and that's saying something!

    I hate PCs, Windoz Vista and Bowman is best employed as paperweights!

    Rant completed, taking meds, can't find hate and coat, so am leaving in my jimjams...
  7. Suma, one of many good questions mate, I’m sure your chain of command can ask this question of the right people.

    As ever, well put that man in a kilt.

    Pingpong bloke. I have to ask when you last did a tour? The chair warming, geek talking community are currently punching well above their weight in both Op Th's. Can I suggest you stop skiving on here and get some sand in your crevice, that med isn’t working mate !!

    Personally, I believe the new CS Eng should leave as a good old Siggy and earn that first tape along with everyone else.
  8. Pingpong, you typed that all yourself! Well done you.'s a shame really.
  9. i would probably go with the dwarf on this one