Promotion for CMTs

My first job choice is CMT.
And I was wondering if there was any kind of limit to the Promotion Ladder if I did end up becoming one, ive read a few threads and found out little un-usfull things like Women CMTs are rarly seen at Sgt and I was wondering if that was it :S
The skies your limit it seems in the RAMC these days when it comes to promotion! In the old days you really did earn your rank with time, knowledge and experience. These days they seem to just try and fill a slot.

As for woman rarely reaching the rank of Sgt, that was more down to their choice to start a family! I know a 6 year female Sgt! She’s a good girl and soldier from what I’ve seen but with little experience compared to what a Sgt should have, several Op tours under your belt, worked in the full range of our posts- Teeth arm, med centre, training, ect ect . She gets a lot of stick from people behind her back, but its not her fault the system is broken!

But besides that i think its a great job for females in the Army, if you want front line action to "in the rear with the gear" its all available to you!
thanks for the reply.
I know your first job is a soldier. But would I be able to see frontline action and actually do some fighting as a CMT?
If you get attached to a infantry unit out in places like afghan you will be on the front line! You would be right up there with the bombs and the bullets flying over you just like many other female soldiers! If the section/Platoon you are in are attacked you can and will fight until you are needed as a medic or till they have it under control because you are defending yourself!

But the guys on the ground don’t want you fighting because you are there to save them if something bad happens they will look after you like you’re there little sister even if you are a 6ft meat heat bloke!
well, im guessing you think im a woman from past replys :)
but im a 5ft 11 man :)
I was just curious. Id like to be in on the action not just all the field hospital stuff
"I was just curious. Id like to be in on the action not just all the field hospital stuff"

CMT's do very little in the way of medical work in the Field Hospital, most are employed as Dogs bodies in SQMS department or staff HMC, the wards may have a token CMT to assist but thats about it.

As for promotion, with the Army reaching "full capacity" next year it should be back to the days of earning your promotion which takes time and experience (as with any trade). Along with the LCpl Cadre course and the various CLMs to be completed it will hopefully weed out those that got promotion due to being part of the 'in-crowd' rather than being deservant of the promotion.

I know I would rather have someone capable of doing his job and being very good at it (at Private level) working for/with me than some of the dross that has been promoted recently "to fill a gap"
Promotion is all about your CRs (SJARs) rather than your experience.
If two individuals get recommended for promotion and when it comes to the MCM Div prom board, its about the pen pictures, if one has a couple of SJARs worth of cracking write ups and the other gets pretty average write ups then the one with the good pen pictures get the higher marks and there for gets the promotion over the other one if there are less promotion vacancies than there are people above the quality line.

Contray to popular belief, the prom boards up at Glasgow dont consist of a group of people sat round discussing individuals, its a very 'private' affair of the board marking the individuals and at the end of it giving their marks to the secretary (who is the only one in the room who knows how many vacancies there are in that rank for promotion).

Ive sat on many prom boards (the CMT junior rank ones being hectic, having to read 3 CRs per person, usually about 130 soldiers on the board!) and I recommend to all WO2s, WO1s and Officers that they should go up and sit in on a prom board to see how it works, this then makes you eligible to actually be a marking member on aboards in future. There are many myths on how the board works and 99% of them are bollox!
FF is on the button, APC promotion boards are not to be avoided, they are essential to ensure fair accurate promotions.

Your SJAR will see you promoted if you work hard and produce the goods, but just because you recieve a recommendation does not neccessarily mean you will promote, on the other hand if you don't receive a recomendation then you won't even board and definately won't promote.

It all boils down to your effort and contribution over the reporting year, if your a whining plodder who thinks the Army owes you a big favour then keep plodding, if you are a grafter with a positive outlook with too much on to whine then you will be fine.

.....and to answer your question fully, it matters not what sex you are when your SJAR is boarded, it is gender free grading.
Spot on! your recommendation gets you to board, after that your ticks in the boxes and grading mean nothing, its all down to the pen picture, make sure that your pen pictures include everything that youve done.

I had a first reporting officer pen picture from a Major who basically only put what I had done at work, when it went to the CO for part two, i had an interview with him and he put in his part the fact that in the reporting year I had been deployed to Iraq, Bosnia and Sierra Leone and had done leave relief in NI and Gibraltar!

That Major is now a Lt Col and the CO of a minor unit! god help everyones part two pen pictures!!

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