Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by confused, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. HI ALL

    bit of advice needed. Am about to sign off, due for promotion in June, what is the likelihood of my signing off effecting my chances of promotion and also a posting on promotion.

    any comments would be appreciated.
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    What unit are you in? What job do you do?

    2 trains of thought: 1, Why fill a post with someone who is leaving 2, why keep someone who is leaving in a post.
  3. Just a thought as i heard that even though i am signing off they can not foul your career.

    wanted to finish my career at the highest rank i could get too Field Section Cdr RE at present.
  4. Why ARE you signing off?

    If you have signed off my Corps' wont promote you, even if come off the board. Don't know about RE.

    If you want a shot at the next level, why not stay in. Sign off in a years time and pick up your pension at the next level too. If you don't come off then sign off in June.

    PS. are you signing off for genuine reasons or throwing a hissy fit because you think you should have come off before this?
  5. If you sign off you (normally) become ineligible for promotion. Think about it for a moment. Why should any corps reward you when you're cutting short your career? They'd rather pay someone who wants to do the job. If you want promotion then stay in. If you want to go, then go!

    Don't take this as a personal slight at you, but look at it from the other angle.
  6. I am signing off as i just dont enjoy the job anymore, been in 10 years, my wife is also very unhappy and she has the chance of a very good career if only we stayed on one place for long enough. I am not getting any younger, the back is giving in also. Also want to be able to choose when i go on holiday, live where i want to live, go away when i want etc etc.

    At the end of the day the wife and i have decided that whats more important is that we are happy and can plan for the future, our happiness is worth more than the money, and promotion. It would just be nice to finish my career in the forces as a higher rank, but its not the be all and end all.

    I am entitled for promotion and i have worked really hard for it, my career shouldnt end until my last day of service.
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I can understand your feelings on this but I am afraid that I cannot agree that your career lasts until your final day - unless you do the full career. Up until the point you sign off then you may call it a career. Once you have signed off then it becomes you honouring your side of the contract - nothing at all to do with career.

    Like others before me, if you decide that you want to go, then have the decency to do it now and let someone who probably still likes the job and does have a full career in mind to fill the promotion slot.

    Mind you, once you get that promotion (if you do) then your job will change and maybe you will start enjoying life again with more responsibility and more money. I appreciate where your wife is coming from on this and you have not mentioned if you have any kids, but one thing to bear in mind is that your service career will end at or near your 40th birthday - young enough to start another career outside the green, with the benefit of your service pension to bolster your income.

    Just my humble opinion, which you may treat with as much contempt as you wish.

    Best wishes to you in whatever course of action you decide.
  8. Hmm not sure about the whole become ineligible for promotion thing, at one of my previous units a lad was actually out for about 3 months when he got a phone call from the army saying that he'd come off the board and would he like to sign back on.
  9. PVR its quicker
  10. Mission, that is the option, you come off the board and you are informed.

    If you still want to leave, you don't get the promotion and one of the reserves get it. If you withdraw your NTT then you can collect your promotion and soldier on.

    Confused, have you discussed any of this with your CoC? They may be able to post you somewhere, where your wife can get her own career going, and maybe give your job satisfaction a shot in the arm.

    On the otherhand, leave AND continue your career by joining the TA. Your skills would be welcomed at a unit of your capbadge, or you could go for a change. If you stayed RE you may even get the promotion to the next level anyway.

    Money for old rope.
  11. answered your own question (in bold) now you're grown up grow a set of balls either sign off or on i hope you dont intend to sign off so they would dangle the carrot :shakefist:
  12. If your back is giving in, don't FFS sign off until it does!!

  13. I agree with this guy, I myself left the Army a young 21year old L/CPL in the infantry, just to see what it would be like on the other side of the green as it was the first job i ever had.
    so i left met a girl one thing led to another, now i have two young children a sh1t but well paid job and to be honest (not to take anything away from my amazing kids and wife) i should have stayed in, every time i see my regement i think fcuk,fcuk,fcuk.

    incidentaly, I stumbled across the Army pay increase last week and so had a look at the pay scale and was atonished to see a PTE gets £19k+ a year, so i thought, if i re-enlisted i would probably get fast tracked promotion depending on my keenness and age (happy days), so i slip it in to a conversation when talking to the wife that night just to find out what she thinks.

    Well she never spoke to me for two days.

    I am currently looking to start up my own business.