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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Lurker95, Aug 8, 2005.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm a long time lurker here and have just been thinking about promotion so thought I'd finally register and get some advice.

    How do you know if you made the promotion board and where you came?

    To give you some background, I am a Private and last year was posted to a new unit, I received an early CR which was absolutely gleaming :D :D :D

    I have now done 6 years and for the first few years got "promote him, but not yet". The last couple have been "ready now". The thing is, I know that people junior to me and with inferior reports (in my old unit) have now been promoted. Is there any possibility that my CR didn't reach whereever it was meant to go?

    The grapevine tells me that you should know if you made the board. Is that right?

    Thanks in advance for any info/advice you may have for me.
  2. Lurker,
    Firstly you do not mention what cap-badge/trade you are; this does have a huge bearing on promotion with differing promotion speeds making it difficullt to forecast the "right time bracket" for promotion.

    Secondly, you mention a "gleaming" CR; in whose opinion? You understand that it is the wording that is important and that a good CR writer can convey suitability or lack of it with a combination of words used within a sentence... The grade is just a method of initially filtering CRs, the idea being that an OUTSTANDING CR would be looked at before an A would; although this grade has no further bearing on promotion once the CRs are put to the board.

    As to your point about whether you boarded or not, yes this information is available and speaking to your RCMO or OC, requesting a career interview (at unit level first, do not start screaming at MCM div as the problem may lay closer to home) and asking how you fared and what you need to do to improve your chances is the way forward.
  3. Cheers hellfyr,

    I deliberately didn't mention trade/capbadge as I don't want to let on too much (don't want to identified). Suffice to say that promotion is very slow :(

    The CR was indeed gleaming, I know that the grading is not everything, but my tick boxes were nearly all excellent with a couple of goods thrown in. My pen picture was perfect and my grading was A2. I am really good mates with one of the lads that has been promoted and we compared CRs. We both agreed that his was not a patch on mine but he still got promoted?

    Thanks for the rest of the advice, will follow it up.
  4. Do Ptes actually get CR's? I thought that the ACR was for Cpl's and above and that those below received a write up in a report book (AF1266?)

    Anybody care to clarify that one?
  5. Everyone gets them now Bickies - the new caring, sharing Army, dontchaknow? :)
  6. Nope, didn't know that one. Thanks.
  7. While I'm in this part of the boards, I may as well address this as well. The reason that you both got promoted is due to the placement of what's called the 'cut line'. Everyone above that line is promoted - simple. Clearly this means that the uber-flyers get made up, but also a healthy proportion of soldiers lower down the pecking order also make it, which is how the system should work.

    The 'so what' from all this is that although you may feel you aren't the 'golden boy' (or girl), it is still worth working hard and doing your best, as you may well haul yourself over that line and into a promotion slot.

    People get wrapped around the axle slightly when it comes to grading, and it is clearly important. However, when it comes to deciding who is 'above' and 'below', subtle variances in reports i.e. the written report itself will be used, as has been well brought out elsewhere in this thread. Getting involved in sports, charity work, and doing that 'little bit extra' can be all it takes to pick you up and across the line, in preference to someone with exactly the same boxes 'ticked'.

    It's not about arrse kissing - it's about selling yourself to the board and making the best of the opportunity.

    Good luck to everyone in their careers! :)
  8. Bollocks, hope no-one noticed that!

    (if you did, please don't let on)

    Cheers D_D, but I wasn't promoted, that is the whole problem I have!
  9. Tut tut Lurker - your secret is safe with me - although it did throw me slightly. :)

    Yep - happy with that - serves me right for skim reading, but in essence, the post still stands. You may find that the sum total of this years plus last year's weren't enough to haul your arrse over the line, opposed to your mucker.

    Having said that, if it was such a gleaming CR, perhaps your boss isn't a devout ARRSEr? ;)
  10. Check user ID, yep right one....

    Thanks but the question remains, this bloke has done the absolute minimum to get promoted (only 2 years in rank), he is very junior and has received very equivocal reports thus far. How can two unequivocal recommendations for promotion be ignored in favour of someone who is (to be honest) not as good or experienced at his job?

    Bitter, me?
  11. Age? time to serve? IIP?
  12. The simple answer is that only those on the board in question can possibly answer that question... but they aren't allowed to.

    If you were both of the same cap-badge, in the same unit, with the same report writer, then it seems rather odd. But boards look at the last 3 CRs and take all into account (although the most recent has the most weight).

    Again, let me emphasize: ignore the tick-boxes and ignore the grade. What matters to the board is the write-up.

    The process is slightly more complicated than D_D implies. There are two lines. The first is the quality line and - for Ptes - usually falls at an average score of 5.5 out of 10 (in a board of five members that's 27.5 out of 50). This implies: ready for promotion with some caveats. For Cpls and above, the line will usually rise to 30 out of 50. This may change depending upon the board and the board president.

    Everyone who falls above the quality line is eligible for promotion.

    Then the board secretary (a non-voting member) draws the cut-off line. This indicates the number of available slots for promotion. In other words, if there are fifty slots, then the line will sit under the fiftieth person from the top. However people who are above the cut-off line but below the quality line (i.e. there are more clots than slots) will not be promoted. Peopl who fall above the quality line but below the cut-off are counted as reserves for promotion. The list of reserves is NEVER published.

    Voting board members are not told the number of slots before they grade the pool.

    It's a surprisingly good system, given the size of the organization, but it does make mistakes. You may want to check that you were put before the board at all and, if so, where you fell with respect to the quality line. You may also want to ask the RCMO to speak to your desk officer to find out where he/she thinks you may have been let down. If there was a stray comment in your CR that did you in then you may have grounds for redress of complaint.

  13. Thanks to everyone who replied, some very useful info. I'll go and see what I can find out.
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Been there. Felt the pain.

    Was in a very similar situation to yourself once. If it's any consolation, most of will mark time in one grade or other and it's probably better to get the curse over with early on.
  15. Not getting promoted? Don't take it personally.

    Your system sounds like the carbon copy of the rubbish we now have in the Civil Service, and it does not work.

    I have submitted the same reports for the same jobs specs in 2 different promotion reviews. One has been suitable, the other unsuitable. The two sift panels contradict each other depite having all the same information and applied to the same job spec.

    The sift panels were made up of the same 3 managers. They clearly dont even read the reports.

    A colleague in another branch of the Civil Service proved he was on a 'do not promote list' despite mamagement denials. He applied in his name and a false name, but changed no other details on his application documents or reports. They promoted the false name! Strangely the management have not sought to discipline him for his deception. Funny that! He now has legal action pending, but the employer is dragging their feet and refusing to disclose documents unless there is court order, knowing the appleant wil struggle to a) find counsel and b) the neccessary cash.

    There is, also, no credible appeal system other than appeal to the panel who first rejected you, and only if you have any additional info to submit, which you do not, otherwise you would have submitted it in the first place, wouldnt you? Catch 22?

    You can then appeal to their manager, but senior managers will always back up junior managers against workers without fail.

    Face it. Life is unfair. Only the beautiful and talented kissarses get on in life these days. Because Today's managers are lazy and talentless. Why do you think the Army will be different? Your Officers are the product of the same schools and universities as my managers. Incompetence is a British Disease!