Promotion Eligibility

Congratulations etc to all those that have just been promoted on the Cpl - Sgt's board.

Can someone tell me what the timespan is between JMQC & Promotion?

I was under the impression that it was supposedly 3 years at the Rank of Cpl, Is this correct?

Thanks for any help...

Thanks for the reply Filberfox.

I understand that you can still be given Acting Rank if the needs must etc..

I have been approached by a few Cpl's slightly miffed about this years Board Results... Apparently there are a few that have been selected that have only been in Rank just over 2 years..

Have MCM Div moved the goalposts again?
MCM Div make a decision, take for example the 3 years in sub rank rule that recently hit the streets, then there is a promotion board and no-one is selected as no-one is eliguble, two months later all of those who werent selected for promotion get acting rank. Failure to be selected for promotion is rewarded by promotion!

So can anyone understand where they stand when it comes to whats going on in the world of MCM Div and promotions? No, because they make the rules and cant stick to them, leaving the troops on the ground confused and in limbo!

Saying that, Im not bitter and twisted, I always got on with those in power and my desk officer at MCM Div and if I was eligible for promotion and came off the board I got promoted, but I can see how things have changed recently and how confusing it must be to those who take MCM Divs word as gospel!
The trouble is FF, that the rules on promotion are introduced at exactly the time when the RAMC and AMS as a whole have huge gaps at key ranks, especially when you are trying to form new Regts....The AMS shoot themselves in the foot by releasing policy before thinking about its consequences
Thanks the info FF..

The last 2 promotions board for the AMS have been somewhat bizarre... I can see a few redresses being put forward, The AMS desk will be in meltdown on monday.

I'm sure it will all work out in the end.
Lots of good info on the MCM Div website for serving guys/girls access re promotions etc and, BTW, it's not AMS policy but Army wide policy, might not make anyone feel any better but could be useful for an informed viewpoint.

(Excluding those few special people who are not promoted on ability but on academic/clinical qualification)

It may be Army wide policy but its contradictory and nobody knows where they stand, one minute they arent eligible for promotion and dont come off the board, a couple of weeks later a signal arrives at the unit granting acting rank.

Are they being promoted for their abilities or simply because there is a shortage in the next rank? Are people being over promoted to fill gaps and will it actually be detrimental to the individuals should they fail in that rank and this be reflected in their SJARS as they were promoted too early and werent ready for it? Maybe even have the humiliation of reversion in rank due to not being up to it yet!
I have seen QAs come off the board this year (re-trades i'll grant you, but not all from AMS) despite having been qualified as RNs for less than a year!

How is someone with less than a years experience in role going to have the knowledge base required for a what is essentially a senior nurse rank?

And what ever happened to the 4 year promotion ban for QA RNs under Common Terms of Service?
Ah, cheers for that Karabiner. No one here knew about that one.

The guys who got it here are good NCOs with plenty of experience in their former lives. Was just unsure about the CToS thingy.

Any links?
I have had a look at the AMS website, The promotion eligibility for this years CMT board was from Sept 2007, Strange how its 3 years everywhere else in the Army.

There are also a couple of names on the list that have actually left the Corps recently, It just shows what a fish and chip shop MCM Div is.
[quote="sickboy" I can see a few redresses being put forward, The AMS desk will be in meltdown on monday.[/quote]

Really, so bypassing the individuals' COs, to whom all redresses should be forwarded in the first instance?

Personally, I think AMS MCM Div will be pretty chilled come Monday...

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