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I am in a similar position so any answers would be greatly appreciated.
what rank are you now?

im slightly confused because the 40 min lesson you speak of is part of defence instructional techniques and is ran as a seperate course to the JMQC.
The old dit course is a different issue! The JMQC course is the one I am questioning. The roles of the AMS is the part of the JMCQ which was not covered on the MPC.
Which corps are you transferring from because the MPC you are talking about doesnt appear to be corps specific. also have you completed any CLM courses ?
Having served ten years, some spent within the RLC the MPC was good enough for REME Royal Irish Regiment and RLC The course covered the CLM. Yes it does seem that way it doesnt appear to be corps specific so what the problem is I do not know!
to get promoted to substansive cpl you need to complete the jmqc and DIT the JMQC also incorporates CLM part 1 you need to complete CLM part 2 at the AEC.

To get promoted to SGT you need to complete CLM part 1 and SMQC .

all added up that is about 10 weeks training. so you can see why your statment that your MPC covered you up to the rank of SGT is confusing at best.
A quick question from myself, I transferred from the Royal Signals into the AMS. I have completed parts one and two of JCLM and my DITs course. I have been substansive full screw since September 2006. Recently I have been informed that I might have to do the AMS specific elements of the JMQC. Can anyone tell me what this spefically entails?

Also seeing as I am already substansive in rank what would happen if I don't manage to complete it?

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