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  1. I think Glasgow make it up as they go along!!!

    I done a MPC Course in 2002 Which would take me up to the rank of Sgt But the when asked if I would have to do the RAMC JMQC after I transfered I never really got a answer. I wrote to Soldier magazine who got back to me with the response of "They look on experience and on a individual basis" Now this is well and good so i submitted a letter with a course report and certificate the only thing not covered on the MPC was a 40 MIN lesson, but they say the MPC course was the equivalent to the two week LCPL RAMC pre course, So how does a 4 week course equate to a two week course so the Royal Irish,RLC,REME that were on the same course as I are not as Qualified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why does the RAMC, The DDS especially think that they are SAS, words are beond me! :x
    ANY ANSWERS??????????????????????????????????
  2. May be better posted in the Medical forum?
  3. Thanks will do. :D