Promotion Courses - Which ones and When?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by skintboymike, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. I recently completed my JCLM course, only to find out afterwards that I may have had exemption due to my MPC course 8 years ago (someone I know in the same boat was told he didn't have to do it).
    On Friday a mate from work told me that as far as he was aware, you need a DIT course to get promoted to Sgt, but I was under the impression that that course was only for those planning to do teaching or instructing.

    After a bit of consultation with various other colleagues, I have come to the conclusion that no one has a clue what courses they need, now or later. Is there a publication somewhere that spells out the criteria for promotion for all ranks? Otherwise, at this rate, I'll still be a Junior Rank at 40 :(
  2. It's good to do CLM as it will keep you more up to date as we all know things change every five minutes.

    You will need DIT's for promotion to Sgt. I can't remember when this comes into effect but all NCO's should have some form of instructional qualification.
  3. As far as I can tell it's all Chinese whispers though. Everyone knows someone who's done it differently, and when we're talking about possibly hindering people's careers it becomes rather worrying.
  4. Why would you need DIT for promotion to Sgt?

    You only need it if you are going on Instructor courses.

    Unless of course, it is purely an RLC thing?
  5. The last CRSM brief I had, a while ago, it was stated that all seniors were to have DIT. Could be a load of crap but that's the RLC for you.
  6. My point has been well proven here hasn't it?
  7. An RLC Cpl at my Unit just come off the Sgts board, and he isnt DIT trained. In fact, I remember him doing a 10 min powerpoint presentation, and he was sh1te :D

    So, bollocks methinks.
  8. Let's hope so. I have no problems with having to do courses unnecessarily, it's more a case of finding out I needed a course after it was too late.
  9. I'll ask the RLC bods at my place tomorrow, oops, today :wink:
  10. When I get chance I'll have a dig around in work but no doubt some one else will post the correct answer.
  11. Aww just do it got to be better than counting FF1's and EBC :wink:
  12. That's my reasoning too, it was a good few days away from home and I did actually benefit from it. My only gripe is that the people attempting to influence our careers haven't got a clue what they're doing or why.
  13. Asked the question today, and was told it was a load of sh1te.

    If you have it , it is a good indicator, if not, no big deal.
  14. It is true personnel that completed their MPC a few years back (Not sure of the date but will find out in work tomorow) are exempt JCLM but completing this Cse will only aide your career not hampen.

    You do not need DIT for SELECTION to Sgt but you will require to pass it within 12 months of wearing your rank, the same rules as MPCA, this is Corps specific and I have many friends that feel agrieved doing a DIT Cse as they have been Instr's for a long time, but thats the way it is.

    Are you posted on an outpost with no career advice available? You seem very ill-informed, I suggest you ask for an interview with either your Sqn 2IC or RCMO, if they are not RLC they should find out this information for you if they are worth their salt. There is also Info available on ArmyNet and the RLC website, the Corps Rag often has CLM Info if, great reading during toilet time!

    Do not fall into the trap that a number a Cpl's did on this years Sgt's board by not understanding the current education requirments for promotion, no doubt some of these individuals couldn't be bothered turning up at a MCM Div roadshow as they thought they knew it all!

    If you want to make it into the Sgts' Mess you are expected to think for yourself and not be spoon fed Info regarding YOUR career requirments.

    Gd luck.
  15. DRLC Trg Policy are responsible for setting the policy for RLC CLM at all levels from the new PNCO cse (for sldrs selected for LCpl), up to the RLC WO cse.

    DRLC Trg Pol ran a briefing day back in March this year for all RLC unit RCMOs/2ICs/Adjts/etc to ensure the RLC CofC undrstand the changes. They have also sent out a number of letters and put info in the Sustainer.

    The changes were not an HQ DRLC idea, but were pushed on all Capbadges by RoSCTE. The RoSCTE report has meant everyone has to go onto a 4 tier system. Clearly the RLC was on a 3 tier system (MPC, MPC(A) and RLC WO Cse), but the policy change has meant the introduction of the RLC JNCO CLM cse which individuals will have to complete once they have been selected for promotion to CPL.

    I can't go into all the detail here so I recommend you get your CofC to contact DRLC Trg Pol Branch at Deepcut so they can get an up to date brief on the new policy.

    As already stated above, it is the responsibility of every individual to take an active interest in their own career the best they can, or I would suggest they don't have one!!! The information is out there and often sat on a table in your own unit lines!