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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by oldcolt, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Looking for some help/ knowledge, as ArmyNet is not yet up to the job of providing advice to 'simple' questions.

    Having just returned to the TA after a long gap, I am looking to try to get some rank again... fast! However, the usual problem I am hitting is the standard "you're probably too old for that course" (I am 42 in April)followed by the very clear sense that the person delivering that gem of wisdom, hasn't got a real scooby or any intention of getting of their arses and ACTUALLY finding out.

    I left as a well qualified (loads of courses) lance-jack 8 years ago and am very fit and not unintelligent. I want to get at least one and hopefully two or three stripes within the next few years as well as get a tour in and pass the All Arms Commando course (which I know I am ok for on age at the moment).

    If anyone can tell me what age limits there are on the various promotion courses and where I can look to reference these, that would be great! THanks in advance. :D
  2. msr

    msr LE

    I am not aware of any age limits on promotion courses.

    I would ask the person who is trying to fob you off for a copy of the paperwork which shows the age limits.

    Are you in a 'qualifying unit' for the AACC?

  3. HI
    thanks fior your post, I am in a qualifying unit and my QPSI seems keen to get as many men on this course as possible; which is a start. The person concerned was the company 2ic at my re-enlistment interview so not much chance of going back to him for an answer. The rest of the guys JNCO's and Sgt's etc are all TA and have as much of an idea of the leviathan admin process as I did when I was last in.. F.A! I have tried ArmyNet, and other web searches including the original Wiki, but no joy as yet.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Speak to your SPSI.


    P.S. QPSI? You are showing your age ;)
  5. What's that you say sonny?.... speak up! LOL :lol:
  6. There is no age range, however if you ar elooking for the prospect of Brecon for SCTC and PSTC then they like them young now, due to the toughness of the course.

    However as you are looking at the AACC I doubt you will have a problem.

    If you are not Inf I can't answer your question. But I can't see you having a problem.

    Hope you enjoy your new service number 30...... nig :wink: :wink:
  7. Thanks
    Have done some digging and found that the admin lady from my TAC is a guru on these things and has confimedw what you say re age limits. Just got to yawn my way through basic again now. :roll:

    As for the new number... :x I'd rather keep my 2484xxxx but hey,ho, thats the army for you.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Or work hard, lead from the front and help the weaker members of your section along...
  9. Ouch! :lol:
    Yeah, I'm doing all that and having a great time being the 'daddy' of the group (trying very hard not to lamp the usual big mouth 'heroes' who suddenly go quiet/ ill before a run though!) just wish I could do a refresher course, get on with doing what I loved and do a tour asap.
  10. msr

    msr LE

  11. Bit of a weird one this, I was out for just short of 10 years and did basic again, no dramas, was suprised at how much I had forgotten, however, I know of at least 2 cases of being fast tracked through providing they could pass bounty tests they could by pass basic. One of them is a regular poster on here, he might put you right, It may be down to do they need you more than you need them or vica-versa.

    Whatever the outcome, welcome back to the fold!

    p.s with regards to promotion courses, have you considered becoming a PTI? not guaranteed promotion but it certainly wont do you any harm! pm me if you want any info.
  12. Think you have to have done one annual camp as well?
  13. Thanks for all your help folks. My unit admin wallah says they are desperately short of SAA and NBC instructors at present (both of which quals I had before) but the PTI route may be an option too.
  14. I'm pretty sure there is a age limit for,scbc or seniors i could be wrong but its 42 as i understand
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Reference please!