Promotion, check this out.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by jonny_bored_bollox, Sep 27, 2005.

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  1. A friend of a friend (no not me) was unhappy at their unit. They felt that they were not getting a faire deal, their line managers were useless and sexist. They wanted a posting out of the unit. They were told that any PPP would be ripped up if they were after an early posting (one year in unit) so they went outside of their chain of command and placed said PPP with Chief clerk who actioned it, hours later the individual wanted to withdraw the PPP and asked for that to happen.

    The following day they were put in front of the Sqn 2ic for a disciplinary interview. For going outside the chain of command

    The day after they were put in front of the OC to be told that they had been selected for promotion, at the same time given three months to "buck their ideas up".

    The individual was given the job of TMA in a unit whose vehicles were far from being in a fit state. A job which in that short a period of time would have been near impossible to rectify.

    A posting order was recieved a month or two later. Ten days prior to joining the new unit and starting the booking out process the individual was told there was a problem with the posting due to them being downgraded( which was in the process of being rectified and the new unit wanting someone deployable, the posting was subsequently canx. This unit did not deploy after all.

    A couple of weeks later the individual was in front of their line manager for their CR, guess what this was a non reccomended CR which got them deselected.

    A month or so later the individual was upgraded and posted to their new unit (without promotion) AND when on an OP tour to Iraq.

    Any comments relevent to the topic and not my spelling or grammer will be greatly appreciated wether positive or negative.
  2. Unlucky stop dripping you hat,

    "Theres no smoke without fire"
  3. As blunt as paraG was, he does present one side of the solution.

    The other would have been, to complain of sexual harasment or bullying at the workplace, speak to the confidential hotlines that are available, the padre etc. The line manager is /was out of order but the chain of command does exist and if she/he had a greivance, then should have gone to the next level up or sought further help from their Squdaron prior to going to the C.Clerk. If they chose to go outside the chain, then the problems do arise but could easily be sorted (interviews do happen though to re-enforce the issue as without discipline, we are tesco's).

    As for the CR, they could have refused to sign it and sought an answer through this, especially if they had taken such a massive drop without a fair reason.

    As for the posting. They wanted to go, which they got, did not get promotion, but were happy to go first time without, and most units will be getting hot and bothered over a period of 18 months because that is what is meant to happen.

    Sorry, if it sounds like there is no solution here, but they got what they wanted in the end and when the system s*at on them, they let it.

  4. To clarify, you cannot "not sign" a CR. You are initialing the document to show that you have seen the contents, not that you agree with it! If you disagree with the content, then there is a process in place in order that you may redress any factual inaccuracies.

    It is important to remember that the CR is based on the opinion of both the OC Tp and OC Sqn (for JNCOs) or OC Sqn and CO (for WOs/SNCOs). If one of these people had a personality problem with the subject of the report, it is possible (although I think highly unlikely) that it would affect the accurate reflection of that individual. It is even less likely that both reporting officers would compose wildly inaccurate assesments.....

    It is often important when questioning people's opinion of somebody to look within.......

  5. Jonny boy, you are hurting my head. one minute you whinge away like a good 'un, the next you seem like reasonable bloke who is just a bit stressed, then all the bloomin' whinging starts up again.

    Well, the jolly old Army ain't perfect. If it were we woudn't have wars to fight.... so we wouldn't need armies....and then.... er my brain is hurting

    Anway old son, you aren't the first, you won't be the last but fretting don't help. Neither will it get much sympathy, ever, on ARRSE. Am I wrong?

    Next time you post lets have a sense of humour so I can get back to thinking you were Ok again. If you want. Find something about the Army you like. Tell us about it. Tell us how you are personally going to make more of it happen for everyone's benefit. Don't sweat promotion. Thos that do don't impress you anyway. I was last promoted 10 years ago. See these? No shakes, man, no stress.
  6. Paragorge for Prime-minister?

  7. Ok,

    Understand winges from people and suspect there maybe 2 sides to this story...but can everyone stop using "line management"? We have a military chain of command - I repeat - command.

    We are starting to sound like people who might even embrace Human Resources next - oopps we already have.

    PS. If you don't like what you get - redress. I have one shite report in my past and managed to get over it.
  8. A redress was sought, but the answer was a waste of time.

    in short it was if you dont like it you know what you can do.

    The reason for the whinging is guage opinion, not because im a moaning twat.
  9. Going to the Chief Clerk to get a PPP put in was a major mistake. The important bit in the title "Chief Clerk" is the second word. There is no "Command" element to his/her job, important though it is. Postings are an MS matter and a strictly command responsibility. Clerks do not decide who is to be posted where or what courses people should go on.

    There are excellent redress procedures that in my experience work if properly used. They cannot be ignored and the plaintiff can keep on going to the Army Board if necessary. Suggest he / she / you go to an officer for expert advice. If the unit really is refusing to handle a genuine redress (which I very much doubt) then go to the Bde HQ and speak to the G1 officer.

    Standing back and examining the situation with as much detachment as possible is always useful - there is rarely smoke without fire and anger at one's own cock ups is often directed at others. Humility is key in dealing with these situations - it can be a disarming tactic too.
  10. Your friend in a Supply Regt by chance?