Promotion/Career prospects for EW Sys OP and CSE

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Preptalk, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys, I've had a quick search but the last post I saw similar to my question was back in 2004 so here goes...

    I've applied to join RSigs as EW Sys Op and CSE as my first and second choices. I had my first interview a couple days ago which went really well and was encouraged by one of the guys at the AFCO (who is a CS Op) to go for CSE as my main choice because of my current work experience etc.
    But as the title says, what are promotion and career prospects like 'these days' for these roles?
    I'm aware that as EW Sys Op, my first posting is likely to be with the 14th in Brawdy but after that I've heard that postings are quite limited overall. Whereas with CSE postings are more available but that the job is not as rewarding and promotions are more limited...?

    I know everyone has their views so I'm just looking for some balanced opinions/experience that could help.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. You are not even in yet and you are worrying about promotion? feck off and join McDonalds, you could be up to 3 stars in a month if you play your cards right.
  3. As has already been said, EW Sys Op's have very limited postings, but promotion tends to be quicker than most trades.

    CSE's can go almost anywhere, and you can still leave phase 2 as a LCpl, as long as you are half decent.

    Pretty much after that is up to you, there are still loads of opportunities out there to do allsorts trade related or not.
  4. Well since having a career within the army would require/entail promotion I thought its a valid enquiry when potentially joining an organization for years of service. If telling someone to 'feck off' is the most you can muster then one must wonder whether it was even worth you spending time to comment at all

    Heidtheba, thanks. I thought this would be the case as from what I've heard.

    If anyone has any info on the range of postings they've had in these roles, that'd be great. Or how they progressed their careers in these roles with regards to training courses or supervisory roles. I'm just trying to get an idea for the pros and cons of each role and day to day life.

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  5. ooooh, get her
  6. removed post (persec etc)
  7. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    Can you go straight for Airborne Signaller when choosing your unit, after doing PCOY? And also possibly a Commando Signaller unit also?
  8. Thanks very much, that really helped. EW really sounds like my thing after reading that. I wanted something that was more hands on and on the ground, so to speak, as well as technical as well because I'm pretty nerdy myself, so I'll stick with EW as my firm first choice.

    The Red Trooper, this would be my aspiration as well. I'd love to serve with the 16th AA but this is highly unlikely I would assume right out of training unless maybe you make your aspirations very clear during phase 2 and your fitness is top notch.

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  9. As an EW Sys Op you're lucky in that depending on the unit you end up with, you have the choice of doing P Company or the All Arms Commando course.

    You won't end up with 216 Airborne Signal Squadron, as they have no EW capability, but at some units you can go to straight from training they're very keen to get you on one of the two.

    Three of my good chums just arrived at their first posting to be told they have the option of going into the airborne troop or the commando troop, and were immediately loaded on to the relevant courses - they didn't have a choice otherwise!

    If it's an aspiration of yours, it can be fulfilled, and remarkably quickly after arriving at your unit if you're at the required fitness level. Obviously this may change by the time you guys reach field units, but you never know!
  10. There is NO requirement for commando trained EW Sys Ops, this role is fulfilled by RM/RN CTs. I would be very interested to know which unit these 'good chums' have just arrived at?
  11. A unit that loads people onto courses without a choice I suppose.

    Wonder if the volunteers ! For those courses had the balls to stand up and walk out of the first introduction to said course when the head shed always says

    " You are volunteers and can walk away at any time" .

    I always found it funny when two men got up and walked out the briefing room "cinema" and the head shed said to the RSM .

    RSM , can they do that,

    Yes Sir you said they could.:).
  12. No, as far as I was aware there was no requirement for Commando trained EW Sys Ops (Y Sqn RM!), and then was informed by three of my pals who just arrived at (what I believe) is 821 EOD Sqn (though could be a different one, can't remember off the top of my noggin) and have been attached to 33 Engineer Regt in Essex.

    According to all three of them, their undermanned troop has been informed it is to undergo the AAC course starting with the beat up in September, and they're included, like it or not. How they propose to get the troop motivated enough to pass an arduous course they didn't volunteer for is a question still up in the air I guess.

    Then again the three of them could have gotten together, come up with a big elaborate lie and told me just in case I came on ARRSE to give people shite information.

    So there you have it. Whether or not this is a bit of an anomaly I don't know, but as you said, apart from this instance I've never seen another Commando trained EW Sys Op.
  13. Might be a dumb question, but can I take it from you guys then that there is a need then for P Coy trained EW's? Even though EW Sys isn't attached to 216 Sqn....
    Just a thought.
  14. Yes, there is. If you end up at 14 Sigs you'll be informed on how to go about it, they're pretty keen on you doing it if you're fit enough.
  15. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    Future Prospects for Signals is very high, as i have met a fellow who was Signals who was previously attached to 18 SFSG (S) and had both Airborne and Commando capability, this is what got me interested in the unit as they are unique to have such attachments.