Promotion but warned for tour

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by CrazyLegs!, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. Please settle a bet, if you'd be so kind

    I had the good fortune to come off the Cpl-Sgts board yesterday; however I am already warned for tour in September, where I will deploy as a Corporal. There is no scope for conducting my tour as a Sgt but I have been told I will be posted as a Sgt on my return, fair enough.

    However a friend of mine insists that I will be paid as a Sgt once my seniority is confirmed, regardless of the rankslide on my jacket; whereas I argue that if I'm not wearin' I shouldn't be earnin'! ;)

    Who is right?
  2. If memory serves me well, the promotional year for Sgt is Aug 11-12. Therefore, they can promote you at the last opportunity of that period.
    If you are still on tour past Aug 12 and not filling a Sgts post, they will either have your post gapped due to ops and promote on your return (request an extension outside this period), or you will have to get next years board (bad man-management if this happen). JPA could pay you during tour, keep an eye on this and inform CofC.
  3. Cheers; if I'm still on tour next August something is up!!
  4. Promotion year is 1 Oct - 30 Sep (for all promotions up to Sgt). For promotion to SSgt and upwards it is 1 Apr - 31 Mar.

    As long as he is filling a Sgt PID by 30 Sep 12 and has completed SCLM promotion will be substantive.
  5. Cheers for the clarification. Mine was based on rough guess work for the latter part of the year.
  6. I've now received a posting order that states SNCO CLM Pt 1 should be completed by September 11. That's not on surely, I'm not posted and wearing my third til June 4th (nearly a year after the promotion board) and they're giving me mere weeks to get the course done, what if it's full?
  7. Depending on cap badge, this may not be true. I had been wearing my sgt for 14 months by the time I did my clm pt 1. I did keep ally emails trying to get on a clm, as these backdated around 10 months. So if someone tried to take my sgt away, then I could prove it was not through lack of trying on my part that I hadn't done the course. I was not the only one that had been wearing for over 12 months
  8. Can I just confirm this.

    You came off the Sgts board in July this year. Or was it last year? Your first post indicates July 2011.

    If so you shouldn't have a problem as you have a year to complete your CLM (IIRC).

    Either way you need to confirm what your posting order actually means by that date.

    If you have been sat not doing your CLM for nearly a year, then you need to give yourself a whopping big kick up the Arrse and speak to your CoC NOW!!!

    If the course is full then you could be of higher priority than other blokes on the course, in which case they can swap you in to someone else's spot. To get you on. Like I say you need to speak to your CoC so that they can speak to Glasgow and figure out what needs to be done.

    In the mean time you have three weeks... prepare for glory!!!
  9. Never mind all that. Congratulations! Now get the beers in.
  10. Bugger, a typo :/ I need to do my CLM by September 2012, not 11.

    Still, since I won't be wearing til 4th June 12 that doesn't give me a year like logic would surely dictate!
  11. The reason for Sept 12 is the "promotion year" runs from 1st Oct.
  12. Newsflash brainiac, you don't need to be 'wearing' your tapes permenantly to go on the SCLM course. You can be Locally made up to attend. So you 'wear' the tapes for the 5 weeks of the course, and then you take them off again, put them in your draw and await 'the day of days'.

    That is why you have a year from the start to end of the promotion year, in fact you've been given over a year because you can study your calander and work out which course is best for your plans.

    What the fcuk are we promoting now?
  13. And how might I be locally made up and able to attend the course if I am on a prescribed period of pre deployment training and the subsequent tour with no possibility of cutting away for any reason, bar welfare or medical? I thought I made that obvious in my post.

    Take a few deep breaths and calm down chap.
  14. I am fully calm... you are aware Ops are no excuse now. You can cut away and do the course during Ops. Or if your current CoC is so willing they can apply to MCM for an extention for you. You can even do the ETS delivered bit in theatre.

    You need to speak to a grown up tomorrow. They will take you gently by the hand and admin your life for you.
  15. CLM on tour, what kind of tours have you been doing? Fat chance of doing CLM in a PB, I'd wager.

    Regardless, there was a small nugget of sound advice among the playground insults and poor spelling, namely the 'extention' I can apply for.

    Manners maketh man, so thanks.