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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Boxy, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. Whats the average time from being told that you've passed the board are substansive to actualy being able to wear it?
  2. Wouldn't like to guess on an average, from what I have seen it all comes down to your trade and where there are vacancies (and a little bit of luck for the individual!)
    The day I was fortunate enough to appear on "The Board" there were one or two who wore the rank straight away whilst I waited 15 months. In fact there were people on the next Board that wore their rank before me!
  3. If uve got LSN space at you unit then, you can get it on your arm immediately, but if not you have to have it by posting with one year.
  4. I was quoted something along the lines of manning & JPA, my parent unit says yes so it's a case of wait see.
  5. Not wanting to be pessimistic you may have made the quality line, but are you sure you made the promotion line?
  6. I am in no doubt that as I had been selected then I had made the quality line and was not at all embarressed to accept the promotion.
    As I said it is a matter of trade and location of vacancies available at the time.
    FYI I had been posted, a month prior to the Board Result, to my required home location for my final last three years (and how shocked was I at that???) - so it was something of a shock to come off "The Board" a month later and I did have to do some negotiation to remain at least somewhat local.
  7. An Infantry example is as follows, the CSjt to WO2 board sits in Nov, the successful soldiers are told in Jan and they can wear from the 30th June which is the Sub Date for all Infantry WO2's.

    Sjt to CSjt board sits in Feb, told in Mar and again wear on 30 Jun which is the Sub date also. These are like this so that the Job Board can be selected and sat in order to move CSjt's into WO2's slots and Sjt's into CSjts slots.

    The normal exception to this is if your unit needs a WO2 for example and you have come off the board as being a successful candidate, your unit can apply for acting rank for you to fill a WO2's job until the 30 Jun.

    Cpls are slightly different as the board sits in March, briefed down in early Jun with a sub date of 30 Oct.

    Hope this helps.
  8. To answer my own question, it took two weeks from the board approving it & being hauled in front of OC the be given it, straight to substansive, as were the rest of the promotions from that board, probably different for two reasons, 1. I'm a STAB & 2. I'm posted to a Regional Training Centre.
  9. Make the most of lads, because when 'Veng' comes in, it might just slow things down a bit :?
  10. I picked up Apr 06 but never got to wear it till Apr 07 so be prepared for a long wait.
  11. Which raises the question; 'Should we have got rid of the old way of promotion - 'Time Served'-'Qualifications' -'Merit'. Time always came first & the other two could be jiggled. It suited many, but hacked off juast as many as you knew the 'Fat, Lame & Lazy' were assured of those stripes & crowns. So is the currant way any more the fair :?
  12. IMOHO it should be Quals, merit, expierence(?) then times served, although how many full screws who haven't done 'Seniors' are more than caplable of doing the job have you seen, more than one no doubt.
  13. In which case, you are either:

    :arrow: Very young (but flying)
    :arrow: Old (but struggling)
    :arrow: Unlucky (because those above you haven't fallen off their perch/been promoted as planned)!

    Well done, anyway, and I hope you are enjoying the new job!

  14. It has not been "time served, then merit" during my service, and I still have Sandles, Roman, Old on my MCLVII.

    The qualifications get you into the job, and then your performance in that job (and in your other jobs because nothing is done in isolation) earns you the report (the merit) which gets you to the Promotion Board, where your length of service then tempers the points awarded by the Board.

    It isn't a perfect system (as I have written before) but it is a damn sight better than a lot of other systems where patronage is more important than merit or skills!


    Edited to add "MCLVII = 1157 for the new boys...)"
  15. I 'am the same era as you comrade but it depends who you served with prior to the system coming under one umberella, also forgot to mention if you played, rugby, football & golf helps 8O