Promotion Boards Cpl To Sgt

Results are out soon!

Best of luck to all! (especially those of the IS Fraternity......even ex Black watch)

If not promoted, my sympathies.....Pse feel free to bitch, complain etc

Maybe someone will take notice, although probably not! :D
Yeah good luck to all the full screws out there.

Remember that on some of the rosters, the competition is immense, so I know for a fact that loads of our best Cpls from my unit, great instrs, good tradesmen, keen and proactive, good blokes etc...will not get picked cos some units will blatantly overgrade their guys.

Stand by for loads of whingeing on Friday morning. Prepare to move....move.

Grading does not really count, it is the Part Two write up that counts.

If you OC/CO is totally **** at CR writting your Cpls are buggered. If he is good then they stand a decent chance.
With reference to board grading it would help if they actually looked at eligible personnels CR's rather than missing them out completely and then haveing to convene a mini board to rectify it in first place.

This kind of farce does not install a sense of faith in an alredy undermined system.

It is very difficult to explain to personnel why they did not come of the board when u can not fathom it either. :?: :roll:
I just think that it's great to have a Inf designed CR system in such a Techincal corps as the Royal Signals.

Doesn't reward good tradesmen, as it is assumed that you are good at yer trade and lets some real wan* tradesmen through.
Not sure I agree with you MonkeySpanker. True there's very little on the CR to compel you to comment on someones trade and you can miss it out entirely in the pen picture.

However, in my experience, Royal Signals boards will look suspiciously at a CR that makes no mention of trade. That sort of CR would need some pretty strong comments on another aspect of the individual (eg leadership) for it to do well on a board.

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