Promotion Boards and the Zen of a TA posting...

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by foreman, Feb 20, 2005.

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  1. 2 - 5 in the last 3 years.

  2. 1 - 2 in the last 2 years.

  3. 1 - 2 in the last year.

  4. None in the last 2 years.

  5. None ever.

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  6. more than 5 in the last 3 years.

  1. I may be mistaken, or indeed have my facts wrong but there appears to be few (ok actually one) name on the SSgt/WO2 board that was serving with one of our finest Volunteer Regiments. That got me thinking about the last board and the fact I have difficulty remembering the last time that someone got early release from a V Regt on promotion. Now before everyone jumps on the TA baiting band wagon thete are a few statements I would like to make:

    1> Yes, Some Regulars choose to go TA for family/ personal Circumstances.

    2> Yes some Regulars would be considered outside of the promotion bracket because of their age, in conjunction with point 1 above.

    3> About half of all regulars sent to TA regiments have never expressed a desire to serve there, but accept the posting in the understanding that it is required for their career profile, not because they want to be there.

    4> I realise that TA is not operational, like 7Sigs or 1Div, but someone has to be posted there.

    So my question is, if the TA is an integral part of the Army, and The TA requires High Calibre Regular SNCO's to maintain this standard, why aren't these SNCO's being promoted?

    Anyone who says that the Regs in the TA do not deserve promotion, cos they don't work is invited to Prepare for RSIT with an average workforce of 1/2 a soldier a day, whilst preparing for an exercise yourself, and running units on a day to day basis....
  2. I can honestly say that every PSI who has been posted to my unit in the last 5 or 6 years who hasn't been on his final posting anyway has been picked up as his TA posting begins or finishes.
  3. an interesting point, i know of several Regular SPSI's and PSI's that were promoted on leaving the TA regiment i attend as part of my Hobby, along with stamp collecting and trainspotting!!

    one was even promoted to staffy and got a very nice southern european posting even though he was and probably still is medically downgraded and never did his ssgt course. another was promoted to staffy on posting and does not currently hold a driving licence, preferring a pint instead.

    so yes i agree with you, some of the postings and promotions out of TA regts are a little strange.

    as for RSIT, why do the regulars insist on saying the TA only need to do a saturdays work and then bitch about the TA, at the time of the inspections.

    i think you are either ill informed or have yourself being overlooked for promotion. perhaps you should be asking your CO or manning and records!
  4. Look back a year or two. You will be surprised how many pick up on the basis of reports at TA regiments the year after they leave. Remember, the board results only show current units. Given the percentage of SNCOs who go to the TA knowing they have no realistic chance of promotion, the percentage picked up is not as bad as you may think.

    It all depends on the quality of the report - the only downer is that many TA COs are not good at them. But then again .....
  5. oh and I think there's a typo

    "operational" "7 Sigs" - same sentence?
  6. 16, 7 whichever, very busy. 8O See them most days practicing supporting a Bde HQ that reqs 2 Sig Regts yet has only really been anywhere once! They have a holiday planned soon so more practice required. :wink:

    Should also be said it's not their fault whom they are suposed to support 8)

    I thought most PSI picked up soon after, and I'd not like to have every weekend taken up by another persons hobby. :roll:
  7. Ill informed about what? I posted this to assess how many people pick up whilst in TA postings, since I had no idea.... And yes i was passed over, hence why I am asking. Sorry to be selfish but if I had picked up I would have rang the bell, hit the bar and start packing to move to my preference posting. Now I face the prospect of looking at the choice of postings that I had 2 years ago, and doing a Hand over Takeover to somebody that was on my FofS course.

    My request for an ArrseCMO's interview will land on my Adjt desk 1st thing Tuesday morning.

    And yes, I ask my TA soldiers to come in as often as possible, not just for Maintenance, but for the fun stuff as well. But you can take a horse to water...

    :evil: I am Bitter :evil:
  8. I would guess your more bitter about not picking up than anything else. Sorry mate, just my take on it. We're not always successful on boards and if you get bitter about it you do yourself no favours.

  9. Bitter, but there were other people, probably more worthy than myself who also did not come off the board, all with the common factor of being with a TA regiment. Hence the trawl for opinion!
  10. By Ill informed i was picking up on your opening sentence about promotion from TA units, good to see you are going to do something about it, re your letter etc.

    like most of the people responding have said to you, most of the PSI etc pick up promotion either on posting or shortly after, so you should be ok.

    with regards to TA coming in, in the regt i am in we struggle to get people in for Maint and also for Adventure training etc, not sure how it can be addressed, i am sure you have tried other things.

    as a final point, the TA is more than an Hobby it is an integral part of the army and prvides around 20% of frontline troops in operational tours, it also gives some of us ex regulars an oppurtunity to keep in touch with the military and to pass on skills etc both from previous military service and civillian employment.

    it is true permanent staff do have to attend Tuesday nights and some weekends they do however get mondays off and have regular long weekends. so over a year i am sure they don't fair too bad, and of course whilst they are in a TA regt they enjoy a bit more of a stable homelife, no overseas tours etc.
  11. I wish to try and keep this thread on the subject of Promotion chances as a result of being in a TA regt. My thoughts on TA soldiers and their contribution to the defence of the Realm is documented elsewhere on this site. I only sought to illustrate a point and to avoit the mandatory comments from others of "If you want promotion go to a real unit instead of working weekends " etc. And in the main, TA soldiers do take this seriously, but my tag line is in honour of the Jokers who turn up for their Mars bars, erm Twix's ? oh yeah the BOUNTY HUNTERS.....

    But I don't want to start a TA / Reg baiting debate...

    a disheartened but still fighting foreman.
  12. Ok Fair point, so back to the point of the thread, in general it would appear that Regular soldiers are promoted either on posting from a TA unit or shortly afterwards, that is my experience of postings out in the last 5 years or so, i am sure that things will work out for yourself and the others you are aware of and that promotion will follow.

    i never intended to make a TA/Reg baiting thread.

    with reference to the Mars confectionary,...... well,, enough said.

    I wish you well in your quest for promotion, also perhaps getting the TA element out of the way early on in your FofS role, will help you in the longrun. especially if the perception is a TA unit holds Regulars promotion back.

    carry on fighting!!