Promotion Boards, a fair system?

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by hellfyyr, Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. :D

    Do they promote the right people?
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  3. of course they do, but if some biff gets prom'd, its not the boards fault, its the ******** that wrote the CRs.
  4. Ha ha What a joke, the system is rubbish.

    Easy steps to getting promoted

    1, Be crap at you job.
    2, Arse lick every boss you can get your hands on.
    3, Confess you are gay to your line manager....yes its the sympathy vote.
    4, Do more charity work that actual work.
    5, Cause at least one welfare problem a month, causing other members of your department to cover your work again and again.

    If you do one of the above, or use a combination you are guaranteed to get promoted

    Easy step to not getting promoted

    1, Be normal and do your job.
    2, Don't cause any problems.
    3, Be able to pass you BPFA

    If you follow the above guide you are practically guaranteed not to get promoted. Well lets face it, why promote someone NORMAL who just does the job we are paid for without causing problems? When you can promote the problem child to get rid of them.

    The higher the rank the more you can pass the responsibility, the less chance you have of Fcuking thinks up!!!!!!!
  5. They could always have people draw straws for promotions.
  6. Is it a Lesbian?
  7. can i detect that you didnt come off the board scally?
  8. Well I must say the system has been very good to me. Sgt in six years is very good for my trade.

    However I have seen how the system has Fcuked other people over, and when I say other people I mean the majority. It is correct to say that its not Glasgow that cause the problems but the people that write the reports! If my boss has a problems with big words or even has a problem with his grammar that will affect the CR and subsequently the promotion board. When I was at my first unit my boss gave me an A2 grade, the OM was not happy with that, he wanted me graded as an RA Gunner and not an RLC Private. So he gave all the Privates B3 grades.

    There is no continuity across the system.

    Question..... Now can an artillery regiment, grade a dental nurse as the second best CPL in the regiment, when other than soldiering they do a completely different jobs?

    Even RLC records have noticed there is a problem, a few years ago CR writers across the Corps where told to reduce the amount of O grades. As every man and his goat where getting them! Now, just last month in a last ditched attempt to cut down on over exaggerated reports the RLC has issued an order stating that no member of the RLC will be considered for promotion unless they have served 24 months in their present rank. Yippee well done the RLC. Lest fcuk more people over!!
  9. :D You mean there is a system !!!!!!!!! Here's me thinking, by jesus i taut it was enny meeny miney mo !!!!(Southern Irish accent)

    Yes unsuitable candidates will promote and yes it is down to the OC/CO that wrote the CR. They are the ones with the guilty conciousness :oops: when they have to face their blokes.

    Lets hope enought quality people in relation to the ********* do get promoted so at least we can still call ourselves professional army in relation to the rest of the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  10. The system is as fair as it can be based upon the fact that a group of Officers and, in some cases WOs, only have a written summary of a soldiers past year(s) to judge him as an individual and against his peers.

    The unfairness that occurs is that some COs/OCs are better at writing up soldiers than others.

    It will always be unfair to put blame on those that are promoted however good or bad they may be.

    Having said all that the the application of quotas, within time served brackets, to give a balanced structure is totally carp.
  11. Scally,

    Do you think that the promotion board take the grade into account?

    The grade is only for the individual and, IMHO, should be scrapped.

    You should have been worried if the QM had the write-up changed, The fact the the grade changed would not make a jot of difference to the promotion board.

  12. One of my biggest gripes was the CR write up, personally I have never found an officer who could write one properly. I remember one lad up for sgt who was discribed as a football hooligan because it was the OC's sense of humour, sorry I don't find that funny.

    Want to fcuk your career up ? Simple get an individual tour posting and see how many grades you drop becuase you were not around and visable and forget inserts, I had one OC tell me he never pays attention to them and dosn't attach them as it was a report about his men and he will write it.

    Worse case I have seen was a sgt miss out of on staffy to a complete mong, he actaully challenged it and was told that Sgt soandso was sucessfull as he had impressed the CO, how ?? Well whilst our man was in Bosnia, and I'm talking when the fighting was on, our new staffy went sailing with the CO.

    Lower rank promotions can be just as bad, a friend of mine missed out on full screw because he failed a BFT, thing was he never failed one in his life, but was mistook for someone else, again another posting away from the unit.
  13. what when CRs are 10 months late despite repeated requests
  14. The CR system is, of course, about to be replaced with the Tri-service SJAR. There will be a period of confusion as people re-learn the process, so stay on top of your bosses if you're in the zone for promotion.

    In the mean time, whilst no one denies that the selection process is flawed, it's a bit like democracy: the best bad system we've been able to come up with.

    I recently conducted a comparative study between the military system and systems in well-known blue chip companies (part of a civvie course). Whilst the construction of the CR is badly out-dated (hence the impending change, although even that won't exactly be cutting edge) the CR process is actually streets ahead of most civvie systems as there is a process of training CR writers (whether they listen is another matter) as well as having SMEs in most units (Ch Clk, RAOWO, Adjt) to ensure that they are, by-and-large, completed on time and in-line with policy.

    In short, yes, the Army system is imperfect. But it's significantly better at identifying and promoting the right people, given the size of the organization as a whole, than equivalent civilian organizations.

    As a parting shot, however, it is worth observing that your CR isn't just your boss's responsibility. You have an interest in your own future and your own career. Therefore you should be an active participant in your own report. This starts at the beginning of any reporting period when you should ensure that you have a clear, up-to-date job description, signed and agreed by you LM; you should ensure that you MYA is in your boss's diary and, up to a month before your CR is due, you should be reminding him/her that it's on its way.

  15. I used to be a bit of a cynic with regards to promotion boards. However, having sat on a mock board, I can honestly say that the system is very fair. We used actual CRs from about 6 years previous and all of the syndicate came up with scores within about half a mark of each other. Quite suprising really. I must also echo a previous statement made on this thread, the grade is for the individual being marked. The board pays absolutely no attention to that grade or indeed the columns marking your appearence and bearing etc (thankfully in my case). The only part the board pays any attention to, and indeed has only the time to pay attention to, is the pen picture. If they still are a little unsure, the part two then comes in to play. Again, I can honestly say, there is no fairer way of doing it, short of each candidate sitting an interview with the board members. And we really have the time to do that don't we!