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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Serving_Monkey, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. Can the same Officer sit on the Cpl's to Sgt's board, and Sgt's to SSgt's board, during one reporting period?
  2. Can't see why not. It will be the same lottery irrespective what board or what officer it was.

    They all sit in a circle chanting 'hum' then put their pencil on the list of names, with their eyes closed of course! A bit like the party game pinning the tail on the donkey, but with names! Then those names with the most pencils on get promoted! simple really, can't see why folk fuss about it.
  3. I thought that it was chicken bones they used?????????

    Yes still bitter and twisted!
  4. Conco, under the new health and safety ruling it was decided that chicken bones were no longer permitted to be used at promotion lotteries as there was a risk (due to the bird flu) of high calibre officers on said board contracting what could be a life threatening disease through the use of non sterile bones.

    Crayons were considered prior to the pencil but too many arguments were had by those at MCM over the colour to be used (so many wanted to use the red!). So they settled for pencils, sharpened then blunted to a rounded end to reduce injury.

    Bitter, not really, just saddened that we are in the state we are in.
    Twisted, Mmm...... maybe!
  5. Crap! Health and safety again rearing its ugly head!
  6. It seems a certain Officer was on both boards last year and quite a few of his Unit got promoted. Was this fair??
  7. SM,

    Maybe it has more to do with the better report writing by some units than others? I have sat on some boards in the past and some of the CR writing from certain units beggars belief! :oops:
  8. Probably not but what are you going to do about it? Nothing, so why bother making an issue of it?

    You will be told that the board is fair and done on a points system and that it is down to the quality of the write up being presented on whether a 'candidate' gets the edge or not, is this true? I don't know as I have not and will not sit on a board.

    I do know that moaning about board results and whether it is 'fair' if an officer has sat on two boards does not make a difference and it certainly won't affect YOUR promotion.

    Deal with it!
  9. Serving Monkey, you must be new to this game as you're still asking about fairness. Of course it's not fair, never has been and never will be. It's only when you accept this level of hopelessness that you can come to work with a pretend smile on your face when your hopes of promotion are stamped on so that CPU can keep up their quota. You've got 2 choices; you can get off the roundabout or buy some zippy trousers and a polo shirt, then you'll have a friend on the board too. Fair in deed, how dare you!
  10. You cant blame H and S for the ineptitude. Its not the chicken bones that are dangerous....
  11. CPU, mm interesting. The only 'breed' that can get away with doing one thing (CPU) from Cpl through to WO2 without having to go back to main stream, yet the others must 'be an all rounder'

    Load of b*llocks!
  12. CP - I dont think so, if anything it will put a dirty great spanner in anybodys career as reporting officers dont see you working your nuts off, and OP insert always seem to be missing from CR's.
  13. ARRSE!
    Wot about those who stay at CPU and never see a working unit for about 3 tours? They go from newly promoted Stripey to being selected for Warrant in the same unit???

    Dirty big spanner my ARRSE, all bloody pretty boys anyway!
  14. One individual cannot really influence the boards decision, there are safe guards in place to ensure that this can't happen.

    Having sat on a number of promotion boards I can say that it is the quality of the writing of the CR and what is written about the individual that gets the man promoted. The real weight is carried by the 2nd Reporting Officers' comments and the 1st Reporting Officers are only really read if a point needs amplifying in some way.

    All CO's etc should sit on a board before they write their first lot of CRs as they will then get a feel for what gets someone promoted and what is a 'nail in a coffin'!
  15. Clearly there are not safeguards in place to make sure that ENOUGH bods are pre selected otherwise there would not be this tonk and pish about not enough being pre selected for the recent Warrant board.

    All those vacancies and only 5 getting it! It has got to be said some fcker can't count, I wonder if the delay in the posting plot has anything to do with the fact that there are more holes than pegs!

    'Never mind Mr ***** you fcuked up good and proper there, just keep all those acting in post for another year, hopefully those unlucky critters who got passed over won't notice, here take a positng to PM (A) too!'

    Ah the delights of the Corps, I will surely miss (Like Fcuk I will!)