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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by X-Mech, Mar 19, 2004.

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  1. Does anyone know the dates that the results for the Sgt to SSgt board will be published (not when the board sits)

    (Well the day you stop hoping !!)

    Many Thanks,
  2. Not sure exactly when the results are out, shouldnt be too long though.

    Its shocking that you were not informed about the selection for Sups selection this year. A letter came out requiring all Sgt's/SSgt's recommended for promotion to apply, whether they were recommended for Supervisor or not. This should have gone to all IS Ops, regardless of the unit they are in.

    I may be able to help you out with some of the other info, drop me a pm.

  3. The B2 board I believe is published before the Easter break. Ive not seen any official dates but it will be between the 28th of March to the 9th of April. One of those Fridays.

    Hopeful then Xmech?

    For info 2 Mechs(Inst Techs) came off the WO2 board in Feb. Have you retraded or still on the Mech roster?

    Just remember its a lottery :roll:

    It could be you!
  4. Not meaning to sound over cynical, but with the sups selection finishing on the 2nd, could they wait and make sure some names are on "dependent on successful completion of the Supervisor IS course". I havent yet seen anything in writing about guaranteed promotion to SSgt on successful completion of the course, yet it would seem pointless training someone for a supervisor qual and not employing them in it.

  5. Boney_M & Disco

    Thanks for the info, yes I will send you a PM ta,
  6. There were only 5 x Supvr IS SSgts selected for WO2. Hopefully there will be a couple of "shadows"as well (no not the Hank Marvin type).

    Sgts who complete Supvr IS course DO definitely get promoted to Staffy - one guy on the last Supes' course was in that boat and is now proudly sporting a nice new crown on top of his three stripes.

    I'd be interested to know whether the board will select guys for whom it might be a last chance or whether to take the view that there are too many people at the higher end of the rank ladder and grab the young thrusters to try and get as much dynamism in the IS roster as possible.

    Even though I was briefly an ADP Spec myself, I think we still have the vague perception floating around that our IS tradesmen and women were historically those who failed to fit into the other moulds - how often have we heard bitchy comments about guys being "failed Yeomen" etc etc.

    I am still concerned now about the next IS Op selection (i.e the board in mid-April) - will the Corps really look at the young lads and lasses with real potential to get up the ladder as IS through-and-through or will it be an excuse to simply reduce the Sys Engr Tech CEQ of its surplus Class 2 Fullscrews. Again, this would be tantamount to accepting "cast-offs" and thus a retro-step, though I think it may be inevitable to a certain extent.

    A lot of this argument probably relies on whether you, from individual experience, see the IS Engr aligned closer to technical or operator sides of the fence (or as a completely independent entity). This also affects how you see the Supvr IS role within Regts i.e. part of the Scaley Ops Team triumvirate? OC IS Wksp, Tp Comd, Service Mgmt role or whatever.

    Christ...I don't half prattle on. It's my poor wife I feel sorry for! :p
  7. Its a worry i have myself mate. With such an overkill in the sysengr Tech roster, records will find it hard to resist placing a load over to the IS roster. I hope that they will be willing to be here and do the job, a bunch of lads and lasses that "find" themselves here isnt the way to populate the roster - the price will be paid in the future.