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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Muckster, Jan 23, 2004.

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  1. Weel it should be all over now for us oldies, shall we open a book to see who gets to find out the results first and who opened the winning lucky bags.......... 8O
  2. There are some people out there who believe they have the gift of ESP, it didn't help psychic Derek Accorah, when he was stopped for D&D last week!

    However, a certain individual rang my CO and asked him for my job as "It was a foregone conclusion he was going to come off the board!"


    A wise florist once told me "There’s always a prick in a bunch of Roses".
  3. Soxmis wrote:

    I know a few like that and if the ESP experts are to be listened to then there are 5 WO2's in my Regt who will be WO1's next week and they all really do believe they are going to get it ?

    another bloke I know rang records on Thu last to confirm what WO1 appointments were coming up so he could complete a posting preference !!! over-confident or just plain stupid. I will let you the jury decide that one :roll: :?:
  4. Baddass Wrote:

    I never said he was a mate 8O 8O and if he doesnt come off the board I will post his number so fellow arrse members can ring him and ask where he is posted to :D
  5. When are the promotions made general knowledge...? :twisted:
    Are they to be posted on the AMS web site ...? :oops:
  6. Apparently they are not allowed to be published on the internet anymore however they will be on the intranet. I have no idea when they will be out but usually quite soon.

    QMan will probably be one of the first to know. I dont know how he does it but he does ?
  7. Maybe not but he probably new it had done him no good before his CO ?
  8. someone in the AGC (who probably didnt get picked up) whinged about people being named on the boards (embarressed that he wasnt named more like), hopefully itll be cleared up soon and they can be pubished again.
  9. That is if the AMS have anyone in the job capable of publishing them on the net ?

    TURP you are that man volunteer to manage the AMS Corps website ?
  10. would that really be a good idea???
    itd be different i suppose :twisted:
  11. But it would mean you would have to do some work TURP, although you could work from home on that one.... :p
  12. if i spend anymore time in front of the pc ill go blind especially if i do it at home :lol: :lol:
  13. TURP Wrote:

    You dont have a home do you ?

    Dont tell us its Keogh Bks :wink:
  14. i never want to see keogh ever again.
    prom list out at 0900 tomorrow
  15. Whoopee sh1t, can't wait........ :? (pleeeeaase god pick me, me, me)