promotion board? sweeper! RLC CHEF

Discussion in 'RLC' started by darcy_vu_qua, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. anyone know if there is a RLC CHEF sweeper board this week and if so when are the results available???
  2. No such thing as sweeper!
  3. What rank? And there is no such thing as a 'sweeper board' only additional selections from the board results from the current promotion year. Usually, boards will run as follows:

    All eligible candidates for an particular promotion board have their SJAR/CR books scored by a board (5 board members with a maximum of 10 points per candidate with the quality line, in most circumstances, being a minimum of 5 points (per marking member)).
    Candidates are put in order; highest scoring candidates at the top in ascending order, followed by seniority order (if several candidates score the same then the senior candidate takes precedence).
    Desk officers are given the board results and fill their vacancies with the highest scoring candidates from their trade.
    If there are additional vacancies that arise during the promotion year then additional candidates may be taken from the original promotion board merit list.
    There is not normally another board, unless SJARs are late to Glasgow. Then that soldier's report book will be scored by the next available promotion board - whatever the rank of the promotion board.

    Hope that helps.
  4. cheers general i was never graded since wearing my lcpl as mcm div had me down as in-eligable however after faxing off all my mil cert's i have been told i am eligable and i will sit on a sweeper this week what about the last two sjars that i have been recommended on are they now just wasted or can i have them graded?
  5. All of your reports will be in a book (and on JPA) in Glasgow. All the reports that you have will be seen by the board who will grade your book so none of your reports will be wasted as the totality of your report book makes up the evidence for the board to score you.

    Assuming that you score more points on the next board than the lowest scoring bloke on the last promotion board you were eligible for then MCM Div will have to promote you and find you an appointment.

    Good luck.
  6. yone know if this is out yet?
  7. Congrats Darcy you made the sweeper board;

    Pity it's the CHEF redundancy board and the sweeper is issued for your use in your next job!
  8. They also have to look at SJARs of people who they previously said were not qualified (but were) and so didnt bother looking at them on the original board.
  9. Christ, that must have upset you.
  10. I thought you were over on the LOA thread being miserable?
  11. Miserable? I'm ******* ecstatic! Like I said over there...I've had mine and I spent it! Anyway, any unhappy slop-jockeys about?