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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by WhoBeTheDaddyNowThen, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. Over the course of the past year some of you fecking arrse’rs have raised at least three threads questioning when the fecking promotion board results are published. This info is fecking readily available on DII, ArmyNET and from your CoC. However, as we’re just about to start the whole MS promotions year all over again, I thought I’d get them out in the open for you feckers that seem in capable of finding out elsewhere:

    LE Commissioning Board Results – 6 Nov 08
    WO2 to WO1 Promotion Board Results - 4 Dec 08
    SSgt to WO2 Promotion Board Results - 5 Feb 09
    Sgt to SSgt Promotion Board Results - 2 Apr 09
    Cpl to Sgt Promotion Board Results - 4 Jun 09
    LCpl to Cpl Promotion Board Results - 6 Aug 09

    Note, those are the dates when the results are released (1st Thursday of the month concerned) and not when the board actually sits. See, every little helps. Feckers.

    It goes without saying that you feckers will snipe at individuals when the results are fecking released anyway. But at least you can’t say no body told you when that would be. Feckers.
  2. Can anyone tell me when the Corps promotion boards sit?
  3. Can anyone tell me when the next anger management course is? I have a candidate for it.

    Also tourettes anonymous may also be useful!
  4. Thanks WhoBe,

    A little harshly worded but actually useful. Does this apply to TA as well?

    Please be gentle with your reply as this is a genuine question!
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    fecking fecker can't stop fecking fecking can he?
  6. He is an angry man.

    Whobe.. step away from the keyboard....take a deeeeeep breath......relax.....count to 10........stretch off the arms..........make a brew.

    Now doesn't that feel better?
  7. To be fair, unless you don't have access to a MOD restricted IT system there really is no excuse for not knowing when the board results are published. If you look at the APC Intranet page it will even tell you when they sit, as does the forecast of events on the Intelligence Corps site.

    WhoBeTheDaddyNowThen may have been asked this question in the real world, as opposed to the virtual one, enough times to set him on the path of rantingness! Or it could be her time of the month!
  8. I must admit I'm starting to warm to him, that level of old school grumpy ranting strikes a chord in the temple of perpetual irritation that is my heart. And if he's a she then bring your hat and we'll play "Panzer Commander and the Milkmaid" over your desk.
  9. TOURETTESGENIUS anyone? :)
  10. :D

  11. Got this?
  12. Of course. Sorry about the delay. As with most things TA, the answer was not simple.

    In essence, no this does not apply to the TA. The reason being that, although the TA are completing Appraisals on JPA, they are not (yet) working within MS Harmonisation. However, the TA answer is not so wildly different.

    The new Int Corps TA Policy Document for soldier promotion is apparently on circulation. I'm sure you could get a peepsee at it from anyone in your CoC. However, note that the document does not go live until 1 Jan 09. In essence, Int Corps TA promotion boards will sit as follows:

    WO2 - WO1: Nov (Bde-level Board)
    SSgt - WO2: Feb (Bde-level Board)
    Sgt - SSgt: Apr (Bn-level Board)
    Cpl - Sgt: Jun (Bn-level Board)
    LCpl - Cpl: Aug (Coy-level Board)

    Exact dates are flexible within the month concerned and the results will be released immediately after approval has been given by MS Reserves at APC.
  13. WBTDNT? a helpful and informative poster.

    Could this be NTTT in disguise??

    ( BTW: If you don't have DII access, does Armynet not give you access to promotions via the www?)
  14. The results are jack shoite i Got told someone had a commendation for lash last year!!! I nearly had to get stitches!! might be a be people know who he is! UNSAFE!!!
  15. Commissioned or non-commissioned?