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Discussion in 'REME' started by stevie1967, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. does anyone know when the Lcpl -> Cpl promotion board results are out this year?

    ive been lead to believe the board sat this week (mon,tue,wed) and the results are out on friday august 1st

    can anyone confirm these dates and is there somewhere online i can check the results as i'll be on leave on that day

  2. Its always the first Thursday of the month following the board so for you its Thu 7 Aug 08. I think the board sits next week - 15-17 July

    You can access the results that day on the promotion section of ArmyNet (normally appear about lunchtime) if you are registered on that site.

    Otherwise I'm sure your unit should take steps tp let you know if you arrange it beforehand with them.
  3. is it just me or is army net an arse!

    i got a new password and now its not working :(

    id speak to someone from my place but im with royal signals so our comms are piss poor :(
  4. Its just you :D

    You're welcome
  5. Actualy, its not just him - I'm on my 3rd log-in now as they kept getting my 'secret' information mixed up with someone else's!

    I'm not the only one either, by a long shot - if you reckon its just him, okimato, you're one of the lucky ones whos not had a drama with it from what I can work out............
  6. No stevie ur urine poor
  7. Fair cop Battsimm

    Apologies to all - I stand corrected in my orthapaedic shoes :oops:
  8. what was that giggsy?your a jooeeeee bag?
  9. If you've picked up your second, you won't need to check the results online, I'd guess there'll be an oc's parade first thing in the morning of the 7th Aug. If you are still on leave, and lucky enough to have been selected, I'd like to think you'd be told to come in for the parade (most likely to be posted on orders as Scale A).

    Results aren't posted on ArmyNet until after lunchtime on the day, about 14:00 last year i seem to recall.
  10. well unfortunatly i'll be 500 miles north and my OC will be away on holiday

    i'll find out when i find out