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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by data, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Its that time of the year again when leave passes are in and there are severe sweaty foreheads on people eagerly awaiting the annual falling of the chicken bones at APC Glasgow.

    What will this years farce bring?
  2. People promoted on the Board but not paid in their new rank for 6 months "due to JPA problems"?

    Sounds like a reasonable bet?

  3. did anyone here the results of the sib board
  4. It's on Armynet
  5. And weren't there a few surprises there then, erm let's say 3 of them! One of them a WO2 for LESS than 12 months ooooh!

    But never mind give it a few weeks and the bitter and twisted will find something else to complain about.
  6. Well, having heard all three names and having had the pleasure of working with all three in the past, all I can say is well done chaps (and Chapesse). Well deserved each one of you. Couldn't have happened to three nicer people.

    Thank f*ck the SIB are now starting to recognise hard work as a requisite for promotion. If any of you are reading this, I'm truly chuffed for each of you. I hope that all three of you go on to greater've certainly got the time left to do it.
  7. I can't find them on Armynet, can somebody direct me?
  8. Top left of home page is a tab 'career' - run your mouse over the tab and just underneath another tab 'promotions' will appear - click on that.
  9. 6 months!! get to the back of the queue-9 months and counting
  10. So who got promoted in the Branch then? Coded names will be recognised.

    Is Phil Ha***s still around, must be knocking on Lt Col if he is!

    Where's the Floyd these days. I've lost touch with most people apart from the odd chat with a portly brummie who's into training?

    I do miss a few things, especially Branch gossip and who's done well over the last 6 years. Anyone got a sitrep?
  11. < Is standing by for the dummies to be spat out on Monday!
  12. Supertrooper,

    Hagues is at the training School as a Maj, Floyd is in Aldershot but has just been 'selected' for LE, good bloke by the way.

    As for the Board, it included Pa*er5on, Mu*r^y and Mo5s
  13. Think I may have cracked your code!! :roll: :wink:
  14. Do you reckon, Damn, here was me thinking that a transfer to the scaleys as some sort of Da Vinci Code type specialist was a good idea. Guess I'll ghave to re-think that one! :(
  15. Not a jug ears welsh person by chance. He was a right walting cnut when I knew him.