Promotion board results - Why be a Rad Op?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by drunken_rad_op, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. Congratulations to all those who got selected for promotion today, commiserations to those who didn't.

    Looking at the Rad Op results it would seem as if the glory days of the last 4 years is now over and it's back to the good old days of 2 or 3 people promoted to Sgt each year.

    Now without being disloyal to my trade, how can I seriously be expected to try and recruit young soldier into my trade when promotion bottle necks so tightly at Cpl - Sgt?

    Is this the start of the back log that will inevitably happen to all promotion boards now that most of the crusty old (like me) have taken 2 extra years (I refused it). After all, for onward progression there must be a vacancy, for a vacancy there must be output.
  2. Why be a Rad Op??? Good question. Join Mov Con, anyone with a pulse picked up this year
  3. I noticed a shiney new 300***** number on the board (Within the never-ending list of Suppliers.), must be a re-join or one of those poor sods that have been fcuked up with the introduction of JPA and therefore been given a new number? (NIG! :lol: )

    Whatever, well done everyone, get the beers lined up!
  4. Well done to all....

    I am on leave and have yet to see the board, anyone know where online I can get to view it?
  5. Armynet has got all the promotion boards on it.
  6. I picked up as a driver today, one shot that's it no second chance etc. It's taken a while but but wtf. Wish i had a second bite at the cherry for years, keep on trucking! :D
  7. Only 8 ATs. I think we have run out of people.
  8. Because no one else wants to be a fagop?
  9. I love the term Fag Op, it's so endearing.
  10. Quite right! Why would anyone want to be in a trade which gives you two promotion boards instead of just the one? Idiots - all of them?
  11. Well done to the 2 who did get it in trade though...good lads. Also well done to those Rad Ops who got it on the Dvr Role.

    Bohs Man...'bout time mucker.

  12. Bohs Man....nice one fella, rightly keep trucking just pause to ring the bell!
  13. Congratulations to those who were selected; I recognised a couple of names and I will be in touch with them.

  14. Anyone heard the one about the Rad Op full screw who came off last years Driver sweeper board, but turned it down because he felt that being an Admin to flatliners was beneath him? Instead choosing to be picked up on this years Rad Op board.

    Guess what? No go on - guess- - - - - -

    Oh well, next year then.