Promotion Board Results SSgt

Are the results on Armynet yet, haven't seen them myself
never mind found it, well done all, espically the 2 lads I know on there who were (new) lance jacks when I left

Now I feel really old
Does anyone have a copy of the results, not on armynet.
congratulations to them that did......apologies if I didn't speak to you personally :wink:
better luck next time(if there is a next time!) to those that didn't...
Found them, Congrats to those that did and bad luck to those that did not
badram said:
are they on armynet can't find them. Anyone got an electronic copy?????
They are on the army net, do not look for gunner Promotions select centralised Soldier promotions, this will give an excel sheet, at the bottom select RA.

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