Promotion Board Results SSgt - WO2 AGC SPS 2009

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Jude1, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone have the results for the above board yet???

    A few of my mates should be on it and they are like a cat on a hot tin roof.

    If you do. please private message me.
  2. 5th of Feb is all Army results (released on Armynet)
  3. No, there will be people out there that know the results now!
    Hopefully some kind person will share them.
  4. Wait for it like the rest of us !
  5. Stop being boring! If you knew someone with the answer you would ask them.
  6. I have the answer.
  7. Cheers for letting me know that you were joking.
  8. ahhhhhhhh
  9. I did no such thing and you know it. You must be f*cking desperate for that next rank to have PM'd me mate.

    Personally, I hope that you get passed over and that someone you hate and who hates you, gets promoted over you.
  10. Poor little bitter boy! Is that why you don't get promoted?
  11. Hey mate, this comes around every promotion board, people looking for advance notice.

    The results are out on Thursday, if you are stood outside your CO’s office at ten to nine you are in with a good chance, if not 8O

    It’s tough, but those that do know are not going to tell a complete stranger on the interweb are they :?
  12. Yer good call!!!

    But if there is anyone PM me.

  13. I know someone who is going to be fuming over the results. :wink:

    whoops.....Thought i was in the sports forum.
  14. I have the results, you're not on it YET again.

    Better luck next year Jude
  15. Its not for me mate its for my Bro and his mate!