Promotion Board Colouring system

Discussion in 'Officers' started by jack04040, Jun 25, 2011.

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  1. Was just wondering if anyone knew where this came from and can explain the colour system to me? i.e. Biege list, blue list etc.
  2. Officers find it easier to relate to colours than the written word.
  3. Especially when it's been written with a ruler under it
  4. Also known as the RQMS Word Processor.

    Officers don't write, they draw pictures.
  5. Ha ha. Or of course the ubiqutous leaving a line in the DOB!!! The sign of a true simpleton, tenacious persnicketious to the utterly banal points, you can write utter sh1t as long as it is written on a ruler, with a space between.

    Think about it though. Coloured board names, colours for the state of units, colours for inspections... it is just easier that way. And you will note taht the colours of the boards correspond to the colours of trousers that are worn.
  6. It used to correspond to the colour if paper this list was published on. I don't know whether this is true for all lists, but I gather this is how it started.
  7. Just to help out:

    Beige - promotion to Major
    Pink - promotion to Lieutenant Colonel
    Blue - promotion to Colonel
    Green - promotion to Brigadier.

    That is all. Carry on.