Promotion bar in final 2 years of service after 22

There is a quality article about this in last months SOLDIER mag.   I shall dig in out tomorrow and give you the "DS" answer.


Is it not because the vast majority of postings within the army are for 2 years? If you are about to go into your last 2 years and are being posted to a new job then you will find that you will end up in the rank suitable for that job - assuming, of course, that you are capable of achieving that rank.

There is no point in over promoting people for their remaining two years simply for them - what about all those thrusters who are much younger and who need the jobs?
Young thrusters? They have time to get there if they are going to. Don't the loyal soldiers that have already given their service deserve to be promoted if they make the grade? Next it'll be "Don't promote him he's done 18 years and will soon be at the 20 year point." Then they'll only be promoting people who reach an ever decreasing bracket and the world will have even more "bitter & twisted" passed over Sgts, S/Sgts and WOs.

Okay, if you don't have the service left for another posting, what's wrong with promotion and an extention of your current posting. After all, the fact that your career is so short that most are let loose´into the civvy world at 40 (ish) is unfair, without ruining soldiers career because of that fact.  :mad:


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I totally agree with the guy who wrote in SOLDIER, in that if I hit my 20 and was then told no more promotion, then switch off time!  What can they do?  You work your ARRSE off and get an O Grade but its of no use, you are not getting promoted.  You can therefore bimble along and get a C Grade, chill out for your last 2 years and get some proper resettlement in.  Look, they are kicking you out anyway, so bug*er the loyaltly and think up every skive trick in the book!

Should they however say, keep going at it and maybe a reward of promotion and an extension I think most would show some commitment.
Well ladies and gents, i have recently been informed of a new change of policy within the Army regarding terms of service.  There is a very very strong possibility that the 22 year service is going to be extended to 35 years (like the RAF), I believe this to be in direct response to the amount of experience we are currently losing at the higher SNCO ranks and the quaility of soldier at the bottom, also it was suggested that there is a lack of officers and it is more feasible to take them from the WOs.  Take it how you want it, this was from an official O group.  Also pensions are having a review with a possible one off  large payment at the end of your career in the pipeline, more retention incentives (3 months paid leave or 9 months pay), etc, etc.  If anyone else has heard anything else on this thread  please tell.  Or just give me your thoughts.



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Guns - please print more - rumours of this magnitude are most interesting!

Sounds all well and good the ol' 35 yr career, but having worked with crabs I would not want it.  They are really crustly within some trades and a 18 yr Cpl is not un-common.  I know that I would hate being a 36 yr old Cpl waiting for someone to die, but some may like it.

Also isn't soldiering a young mans sport?  I think the older I get the less "soldierly" I become, however our Crab collegues are trademen first then soldiers.

But do be careful about the pension, I got a pal of mine who is a broker and he said you would never find better than the present scheme unless they put in huge amounts more into it - which I doubt they will do!
I agree, soldiering on the main part is a young persons game. It's not easy to have a system where anyone over a certain age is excused certain jobs/operations. On a limited basis that has been the job of the 'long service list' and has on the whole worked quite well.

Another problem is that most of the trades that are not too physicaly taxing (for want of a better phrase) have  been, in the last ten years or so, already swamped with soldiers of the fairer sex, so what jobs can the soldiers staying in until 55 do without the army becoming too 'Top heavy'?

So, you can't slow down promotion as the jobs for Sgt & below are (normally) for the young and the 'old timmers' won't all want to take a step down to do jobs that they may regard as below their abilities. No matter which way it goes there are going to be plenty more posts on the subject I'm sure.


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Unless the crafty bu gg ers at the top are talking about a 35 year career on the basis that you get a commission - I just cant see a 35 year career fitting into the current system.  

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