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I Picked up my lance jack in nov 2005 and as far as i knew at the time of promotion the criteria for full screw was:-

*Have Substansive L/Cpl For One Year
*Have A CR Recommeding Promotion To Cpl
*Have Completed The 3 Week JCLM Course

I attained all this by Nov 2006 but i was unable to be given my rank as i was away etc. In April 2007 The Mighty JPA came an in the criteria changed also adding that i needed to do a 3 day education JCLM course. these were obviously booked up as i was away when the rules changed.

I have now done the 3 day JCLM so there are absoloutely no quibbles with my promotion whatsoever. My point is, that will my pay get backdated to when i was first eligeable. This would be the case it i was just presented with my rank late, but as the rules changed it will have taken me off the elibility list.

I'm sorry if this is slightly confusing, but I had a long night and i never been able to spell long words. But I'd appreciate any help
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